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As a business grows, and headcount increases, the complexity and demands of having a quality, business-focused HR function also increases. Business owners, small teams and HR departments of one are not only faced with increasing recruiting pressures, they also face increased regulatory requirements, performance management needs, compensation questions, and other priorities related to people as the company grows and evolves.

If you are one of those organizations that has identified a need for a more robust approach to HR programs, the next question becomes where to begin.

“One obvious answer is an HR self-audit, which can help identify potential legal pitfalls, prioritize areas in need of an overhaul and actively address personnel issues,” writes attorney Deidra Nguyen in Seattle Business Magazine. “A comprehensive HR audit allows for development of a long-term strategy for implementing new policies and practices, and making necessary or recommended changes to the existing HR landscape.”

We’ve created an online HR Checklist as a way for you to quickly evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and possibly identify where you could use some help.

Access our interactive, online HR Checklist here.

We know firsthand how tough it can be to manage daily competing priorities, as well as monitor HR programs and processes. That’s when it comes time to ask how some of that work can be handled by a dedicated HR Services consultant.

Our clients consistently look to us to provide extra HR bandwidth to address the critical strategic and executional needs of their business. We help our clients support rapid growth, take good care of their people and strengthen their organizational culture.

After you’ve completed our HR Checklist, I invite you to reach out to schedule time to talk. I’d like to hear more about the strengths and opportunities the checklist helped you identify.