Uncovering Hidden Employee Talent

As companies continue to feel the impact of these economic times, I see more people taking on different roles and responsibilities. Employers are getting wiser and focusing on what specific strengths and skills employees have that can impact the bottom line quickly. These organizations are also rewarding employees for wearing more than one hat as it is cheaper to add responsibilities to a person’s plate rather than hire a new employee.

Job security focused employees are also realizing the importance of asking themselves: Am I in the right role where I can contribute the most and utilize my strengths? Does my employer know that I posses another set of talents to offer them?

Exploring these questions with your employees will enlighten you and them as to what is needed for mutual success. A critical exercise to ensure you are getting the most out of your employees, especially those that are eager to contribute is to review your current staffs’ resumes to learn what they did prior to working for your company. Just because someone is hired into a certain role doesn’t mean all their success and experience has been in that industry or position. You may be surprised to find that an important skill set you thought you needed to hire for is already present in the company. It’s a win/win for you and your employees – employees will feel valued that you are taking the time to explore their talents and you will benefit from taking advantage of the talent you already have.

We’d like to hear from you! Employers and employees, let us know if you have seen this in action and how it has impacted your organization or career path.

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