Timing is everything – 3 ways to overcome short timelines when you need to fill positions quickly

The Bay Area Bioscience Recruiting Trends Survey results highlighted what most of us already know – the need to fill positions quickly is a challenge when it comes to hiring top talent. Often hiring managers need to fill a vacancy or bring in new skills ASAP. Whether you are a recruiter, hiring manager, or team member, tight deadlines add to the pressure of placing someone in a key role. We recommend that clients build a talent pipeline in advance of the hiring need, especially for positions that are in constant demand.

There are also other steps that can be taken now to overcome the challenge of short timelines and the need for specific skill sets:

  1. Develop a relationship with your ‘go to’ recruiter and ensure they not only have a successful track record but that they also take the time to understand your organization and specific needs. When you engage with the recruiter provide a clear picture of the “must have” and “nice to have” requirements for the role.
  2. Spend time building your network. Over 50% of survey respondents indicated they spend between one and five hours monthly building and maintaining a network of potential candidates.
  3. Train your existing team members on skills you anticipate needing in the future, such as STEM skills.

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