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Thinking Outside the Box for HR on the Oregon Coast


Near Space Corporation




Tillamook, OR




Priorities: Benefits, HR Tech

About Near Space Corporation

Near Space Corporation is a commercial provider of high-altitude near-space platforms and flight services for government, academic, and commercial customers based in Tillamook, OR. The company was founded in 1996 with a mission to empower the advancement of aerospace technologies by creatively defining, clarifying, and solving the most complex and dynamic challenges.

The Need

When Near Space’s only HR specialist relocated and had to leave the company in early 2022, they needed a replacement for this important role quickly. The company’s location on the Oregon Coast made it difficult to find experienced HR professionals, so they decided to think outside the box with an outsourced HR solution


Resourceful Response

Near Space reached out to OneDigital HR consulting at the recommendation of an executive on their team who had worked with OneDigital previously and was impressed by their comprehensive approach and expertise. The company explored some other options but ultimately chose OneDigital as their HR partner.

“We ended up considering an HR outsourcing model like OneDigital because it is difficult to fill some positions with our location on the Oregon Coast. But we also wanted to get the benefit of working with an organization that has a broad scope of experience. We thought the outsourcing model might make the most sense. And that’s been completely affirmed.”

– Kevin Tucker, President, Near Space Corporation

Meaningful Results

OneDigital was able to integrate quickly and seamlessly into Near Space’s culture and tackle a number of high-priority HR projects. 

Benefits Upgrade

OneDigital helped Near Space uplevel its benefits program to address feedback from earlier employee surveys. The HR consulting lead incorporated a OneDigital benefits specialist into the conversation and together, they worked closely with the Near Space team to understand the desired outcomes. The OneDigital benefits team designed a comprehensive, streamlined, and more cost-effective benefits solution with a new technology platform that could be easily accessed by Near Space staff. The benefits and HR consulting leads worked together to create a policy and process to manage paid family medical leaves more efficiently. The OneDigital team ensured a smooth transition by helping Near Space employees understand how to use the new technology platform and how to select and enroll in the best options for themselves and their families.

Compensation Management

OneDigital conducted a thorough evaluation of individual employees, considering their skill sets, experiences, and market positioning. The resulting insights enabled Near Space to adjust their compensation practices to stay ahead of industry trends.

Recruiting and On-boarding Processes

OneDigital has helped Near Space evolve key processes to be more agile. When an unexpected subcontract opportunity arose in one of the company’s Texas offices, OneDigital quickly jumped in and effectively managed the recruiting effort.

Yearly Performance Benchmarks

OneDigital helped Near Space outline clear expectations for employee performance and growth, leading to enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction.

Day-to-Day HR Support

OneDigital allowed Near Space to focus on its core business activities by providing consistent expert guidance on efficient HR processes, regulatory compliance, and cultivating a positive work environment.

“OneDigital has made me a believer in outsourced HR. When you have the right kind of organization, it definitely works. ”

– Kevin Tucker, President, Near Space Corporation

OneDigital prides itself on its ability to learn about each client’s unique business needs and deliver a highly personalized level of service and support. Across multiple state lines, they have developed a deep, collaborative connection. When the lead HR consultant went on maternity leave, OneDigital’s team approach allowed a seamless transition. The OneDigital HR consulting and benefits teams are in constant contact to ensure Near Space employees feel well cared for, and that any questions or issues are addressed quickly.

“They are professional, engaged, and competent. They really know what they’re doing. And they make sure there is good personal interaction. They feel like part of the team. I appreciate that a lot. ”

– Kevin Tucker, President, Near Space Corporation