The First Step to Getting Back to Business As Usual After a Lay-off

If you’ve ever been at a company who has reduced their workforce by one or more people then you’ve experienced the uneasy atmosphere that follows. Employees who didn’t get cut are thankful they still have their jobs, yet also feel sad and sometimes guilty that their friends are gone and they are still employed. The management team also feels uneasy. They have a job to do and business needs don’t go away, yet they don’t want to appear unsympathetic to what has happened.

How do you get back to “business as usual”? The management staff needs to set the tone and get everyone focused on pursuing the goals of the business. A meeting with your staff is a good way to regroup and set the tone: acknowledge the loss of friends and coworkers and the need to get back on track. It is important to use the meeting as a way to get current employees involved and working together toward a common goal on a project or issue. Communication is key to ensuring your employees know what to do next.

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