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As we approach the end of the year, many organizations are working through the annual bonus process, announcing rewards to the team, and promoting benefit expansions for the new year. Annual parties and celebrations for milestones achieved are getting scheduled and employees are preparing their calendars for the many activities.

With all the hustle and bustle of year end, it is easy to lose sight of why these rewards and recognition opportunities were created: to show appreciation.

The objective of all the rewards and bonuses and benefits is to keep employees motivated and engaged, retain your talent, and help the business succeed. But one thing seems to be missing through all of this:


Early in my career, I was in a role that was not inspiring. Pay, work environment, growth potential, benefits – you name it, there was not much motivating about it. Except for the fact that my boss thanked me regularly for my hard work, willingness to take on the tough projects, and my commitment to success. It was amazing how hearing her appreciation changed my attitude when faced with all the other factors.

Showing gratitude costs nothing. It can take less than a minute to tell a team member that you appreciate them and their hard work. Anyone at an organization, regardless of role, can express gratitude. It can infuse the entire team with enthusiasm to get the job done.

Harvard Business Review provides great tips on how to incorporate meaningful recognition into your daily interactions to keep your employees inspired to move the mission forward. An example is to “celebrate first downs, not just touch downs.” If all rewards focus on the end product or final result, there will be missed opportunities to keep the team inspired to progress forward. Letting your employees know you appreciate the milestone they’ve achieved, even if there is a long road ahead, is more likely to keep them focused rather than constantly reminding them that they haven’t hit the end zone yet.

Expressing gratitude also applies to the other stakeholders of the business. Customers, suppliers, vendors, shareholders, and whomever else helps make a difference in the success of the organization. They are just as critical to the success of the business. There is no need to buy fancy gifts or fruit baskets. A simple note expressing gratitude for their support will strengthen the relationship more than a banana or box of chocolates.


As we near Thanksgiving and the close of another busy year, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you who have been instrumental to the success of Resourceful.

Thank you to our amazing clients. We love helping you move your missions forward and achieving success. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your team.

Thank you to all the partners and vendors that provide phenomenal support to us so we can achieve our goals.

Thank you to our incredible team. You do amazing work and your shared commitment with our clients is highly appreciated.

As you plan for 2020, be sure to keep gratitude in the budget. If you need help shifting your culture towards greater levels of appreciation, Resourceful would welcome the opportunity to partner.