We are very impressed with the recruiting services Resourceful HR provides. They gave me periodic and detailed notes with the information I needed to make good hiring decisions and followed up with potential candidates on our behalf. All their efforts helped to accelerate the hiring process and find great candidates that we hired. Resourceful HR’s costing model is what stood out to me as it was highly transparent and the overall process was effective. Our experience with Resourceful HR has been very positive.
Ariel Notcovich
Anytime we reach out to Resourceful HR, they are there for our outsourced HR needs. They started by meeting with us and asking us about what we were looking for and took the time to understand our processes and the culture of our company. We really like their style and type of communication and most importantly the HR expertise they bring to our company.
Pam Gregory, Bryan Gochenour – Lee Smart, P.S., Inc.
HR Manager, Director of Finance and Operations
Resourceful HR has provided me with several great staffing opportunities. They really took the time to get to know me, asked important questions, were easy to talk with and very informative when describing each of the positions presented. The companies they placed me with were all quality fits. The thing that stood out to me is Resourceful HR's customer service – I feel like my needs are important to them and that I am a priority. They were always available to answer my questions and checked in often to ensure it was a good fit.
Alex Prestia
HR Staffing
Resourceful HR's recruiting services are great! They took the time to understand what we do, and what we are looking for so we receive the right talent and the candidate feels that the position is the right fit. I love their business model - it has a lot of integrity and brings great value from both a cost and quality candidate perspective. They are truly a great recruiting partner.
Peter Buck
Resourceful HR saved us time and provided excellent guidance for our recruiting needs and compensation strategy. While their expertise and cost model played big roles in selecting them as an HR partner, it was their ability to listen and be flexible that stood out to me. They took the time to really understand what we needed so that the process came together easily and we received the results we were seeking for both recruiting and compensation services.
Kristin Martinez
I want to thank you for the exceptional service you and your team have provided us. We have a great mission and offer gold-standard services but in order to get those services and products into the hands of those who need them we have to expand our team’s capacity and potential. Our team is highly motivated and devoted but we do have gaps in expertise and numbers. Your work is vital to us and you’ve proven to be highly effective. What I value most is your willingness to learn who we are and what our culture is. You have not taken a cookie cutter approach to filling our needs.
Preston Thompson
Resourceful HR’s recruiting services helped us find the talent we needed by helping us define the job, conducting excellent phone interviews, and providing comprehensive notes and advisement to help us make our hiring decisions. They are very thorough and extremely attentive to our industry and the culture of our organization. I liked that they were very time sensitive to get us what we need while also taking the time to truly understand what we were looking to accomplish.
Kate Stuart, Ph.D.
Resourceful HR's recruiting model is different from other recruiters and that is why we decided to work with them. They are very focused on creating a long-term relationship rather then just filling a position quickly and receiving a percentage of the salary. They are flexible so we were able to engage them when needed and only pay them for what we needed, such as finding and screening candidates. The entire recruiting process continues to be efficient and smooth and we are happy to have found a recruiting partner that is responsive, easy to work with and great at what they do.
Terry-Anne Andrews
Resourceful HR helped me fill a temporary HR generalist role at our company and from the beginning I was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, delivery and responsiveness. The thing that stood out to me is that they listened to me. They really listened to what I wanted rather than trying to sell me on something I didn’t want or need. They are very trustworthy. Their approach resulted in getting quality candidates and filling the role more quickly than if I would have had to do the sourcing. Having their resources and employing their services was very helpful!
Karina Miller
Resourceful HR provided us with recruiting services in our search for a new HR Director and we were delighted with both the process and the outcome. We described our organization, our business and our aspirations. We are a small but rapidly growing public company in the Cleantech sector doing business with major multinational partners who are taking our class leading technologies into global markets and we needed someone who could span both the size challenges of our partnerships and our international reach and operations. The successful candidate would need to be able to operate in the resource limited world of smaller business while bringing significant professional experience to our team where our most significant challenge is to deal with rapid growth and scaling for our business and our people. The Resourceful HR team got up to speed quickly in understanding the challenges and the opportunity surfacing several quality candidates quickly and filling the position much faster than expected. They were professional, responsive and completely understood our needs. Their thoughtful and detailed response really set them apart and we will certainly partner again when the need arises.
Martin Coles
The recruiting services we received from Resourceful HR resulted in us finding and attracting quality talent. Not only did they help us expand our search to find senior level candidates, they also helped to move the entire process along, which was the exact approach our busy schedules required. They provided comprehensive reports on the phone screens they conducted and they helped to schedule all in-person interviews. Our financial agreement with them was extremely flexible and customized to our organization's needs. Resourceful HR's approach is different than other recruiting services I have experienced. They were 100% focused on ensuring we found the right person who was the right fit for our organization and provided a fee schedule that supported this partnership in a way that is different from most staffing firms. Overall it was a positive experience and we will use their services again.
Chris Faist
I sought out Resourceful HR’s outsourced HR and recruiting services to save me time and augment our current HR practices. After interviewing several companies I chose Resourceful HR because of their customized approach to our needs. They didn’t put us in a box and worked to understand our company’s culture. Every person I have worked with is quick to respond when I have a question and is knowledgeable about the direction I should take. I am especially happy with the quality candidates they helped us find. It has been great to have them as an HR partner as I focus on the other aspects of my position.
Nancy McKinley
Controller/Senior Director Finance & Admin, Cardeas Pharma Corporation
Everyone on the Resourceful HR team is professional, enthusiastic, supportive and responsive. I appreciated that they kept me in mind as they were working to meet the needs of their clients, and when they found a great fit, they let me know. I received comprehensive information that helped prepare me for my interview, and they did a great job of painting a picture of the position and the culture of the company. I am very happy with the HR placement services I received.
Jeanine Willis
I value Resourceful HR’s expertise and approach immensely. They have helped us with our recruiting and temporary staffing needs and we have benefited from their help. Working with them is definitely different than working with other companies who provide these services. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs recruiting, HR temp staffing or outsourced HR services. The entire team is accommodating, helpful and eager to share their knowledge.
Tina Mainar
HR Director of GreenRubino, former HR Director, Visible Technologies
I had the opportunity to utilize Resourceful HR’s staffing services and the quality of service I received was great! They were really good about following up with me on an ongoing basis to make sure I felt supported. Their attentiveness and communication style was extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations. I look forward working with them again!
Fiorella Gaia
HR generalist and HR staffing candidate
Resourceful HR’s services have allowed me to focus on the goals of our company and reduce the time we spend on the day-to-day bureaucracy of running an organization. They have done an exemplary job of helping us stay compliant with state and federal laws and have made it so I don’t even have to think about managing the HR aspect of our business. As the bioscience field becomes more virtual and the need for a full time HR person is lessened, we are very happy to have Resourceful HR’s flexible and customized services to fulfill our needs.
Bruce Montgomery, M.D.
CEO, Cardeas Pharma
I was recruited by Resourceful HR for my current position, which started out as a temporary placement and has since turned into a regular hire position with The Hacker Group. From the start, the team was very friendly, thorough and easy to contact. I am very appreciative of their professionalism and the quality of service I received. I would definitely recommend Resourceful HR for job seekers and companies who have recruiting needs.
Mechelle Monroe
I really enjoyed my experience with Resourceful HR’s recruiting services. They just get it when it comes to recruiting. From the start, they were extremely good at communicating expectations and worked hard to ensure that the employee/employer match was a win. They were flexible with their schedule so that we could connect when it was convenient for me. They not only took the time to understand my needs but I could tell that they really understood the mentality of a job seeker and the needs of the company in which they were hiring.
Donna Gray
Director of Human Resources, Recruiting Services Recipient
The team at Resourceful HR knows how to create an effective temp engagement! They prepared me for the interview process and ensured my skill set met the needs of the client. The process was very concise and effective and they showed they have absolute integrity in the services they provide both candidates and employers. I have been lucky to work with them and apply my talent acquisition skills.
Nathan Salmon
We asked Resourceful HR to help us find an HR temp and we are very happy with the outcome. They did a great job screening and selecting candidates for us to interview (I was specifically looking for an HR temp with short-term disability administration experience and family medical leave knowledge). They did such a good job finding the right fit we offered the candidate a full-time position within the company. Resourceful HR’s professionalism and the candidate’s abilities have definitely made my life easier!
Meg Mendlin, CEBS, SPHR, CCP
Resourceful HR found the candidate with the right skill set and the right cultural fit for our organization. I am impressed that they took the time to know our company even before we had a need for service. The result is we were able to move swiftly on filling our HR temp need, and the overall process was smooth. From the start they had a good sense of what we needed in terms of fit and budget, and I am very pleased with Resourceful HR’s due diligence and customer service.
Darren Hamby, SVP
I selected Resourceful HR to help me with recruiting because they have a flexible model that would help me build a pipeline of talent for my current and future needs rather than just filling one position. It is hard to deliver on this kind of recruiting. The quality of candidates they uncovered as well as the responsiveness of their team is very impressive. I am very pleased with the process and the result of working with them and recommend their services to organizations looking to outsource their recruiting needs.
Catherine Dovey
We hired Resourceful HR to help us with our recruiting needs and I was very impressed with the quality of candidates their team brought to us. They listened to our needs, took the time to understand our company and worked hard to fulfill expectations. They clearly proved they have a great process for sourcing candidates. They provided valuable information and helped to project manage the process, allowing me to manage my time efficiently and focus on my other responsibilities.
Steve Dimmer
I have had the pleasure of working with Resourceful HR as a temporary HR staffing candidate and I am thoroughly impressed! The team was very diligent about reviewing my resume and making sure my qualifications would serve the needs of the client before contacting me. They were also very thorough when explaining what the position entailed so that I could hit the ground running. Because they vetted my experience and ensured I was the right fit for the position, both my and the client's expectations were met and exceeded. The Resourceful HR team has also been diligent when it comes to answering my questions, following up with me regarding my satisfaction and checking in on how things are going with the client. My calls and emails are always answered promptly and the overall support I have received has been exceptional.
Dennisse Bray
We chose to use Resourceful HR's outsourced HR services during a time when we did not have a full-time HR person in-house. They got up to speed quickly and did a great job ensuring nothing fell through the cracks and most importantly kept things moving forward. The support we receive has allowed us to keep our HR infrastructure in place and provided us with detailed information on what the in-house HR role should include in order to make our employees and company successful.
John Bencich
I was first introduced to Resourceful HR as a job candidate and have since had the opportunity to use their services. The team is very responsive - I can email or call and they have the answer. From the beginning they were great at setting expectations and keeping in contact with me throughout the hiring process. I appreciate their work and encourage them to keep doing what they are doing!
Katie Stevens
I have only great things to share regarding Resourceful HR's work with WA STEM. They accommodated our needs and our timeline beautifully. Each step of the way the team asked good questions to ensure what we received was exactly what we wanted and needed. I've already recommended their services to other organizations as they have proved to be a valuable, cost-effective resource.
Cindy Gustafson
We asked Resourceful HR to help build our talent pipeline so when a hiring need does arise we can find quality candidates quickly. Our partnership with Resourceful HR has been extremely valuable as they took the time to understand our business and our needs and offer an affordable alternative to a regular staffing agency. They are very focused on ensuring we are successful when it comes to recruiting and sourcing and I am grateful for their expertise and dedicated support.
Lindsay Schaller
I hired Resourceful HR to help me with our organization’s recruiting needs and I was very impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness and knowledge. While these are very important attributes, I also think it is important to note that they are fun to work with and clearly enjoy what they do, which is what makes a business truly successful. I look forward to continuing partnering with them for our recruiting needs.
Han Nachtrieb, VP
I can't overstate how great it's been to work with Resourceful HR. From the outset, Jennifer has shown herself to be the consummate professional—incredibly responsive and tuned-in to her clients' needs. Our consultant is an invaluable resource helping us to create an HR department from the ground up. We rely on Resourceful HR for matters of compliance and HR best practices. We've received roughly eight to twelve hours a week of service and it's been amazing to see what is accomplished in that relatively short time. Our employees see our consultant as an objective advocate of their needs as well as a competent representative of the company-at-large. We acquired another company and Resourceful HR guided us through the entire process on the HR-side. I honestly don't know what we'd have done without the help from Resourceful HR.
Molly Ward
Former Senior Director, Legal & Business Operations, Visible Technologies
We hired Resourceful HR to fill a Research Manager position in Jackson, Michigan, which is not an easy search. Stephanie at Resourceful HR conducted many phone screens and was super thorough when it came to passing on the information from her conversations. She did a great job of keeping track of all the moving parts of recruiting and responding to candidates in a timely manner. Her sourcing and organizational skills were very helpful in our search, which ultimately found the candidate we were seeking.
Zach Baron
I was very impressed with the creative recruiting and sourcing ideas Resourceful HR developed for me as a client. They were always quick to provide the information I needed and their communication style was perfect. In addition, I had the opportunity to work with Resourceful HR as a candidate for one of their other clients. In this capacity, I was once again impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness. I absolutely recommend their services to organizations that need HR support.
Tim Morris, Ph.D.
Resourceful HR helped us hire three testers and it was smooth and easy. They managed all the interviews and phone screens, bringing us well-qualified candidates so we could make decisions quickly. With them driving every aspect, I could let go and focus on my own job responsibilities. Their ability to target the right candidates and manage the entire process proved to be incredibly valuable.
Steve Hamilton
We are very pleased with the recruitment efforts Stephanie put forth. I gave her a short time frame with very little advance notice. Resourceful HR presented us with a plan and made everything come together with great results. I was especially impressed with their in depth telephone interviews with the candidates. I highly recommend Resourceful HR.
Tom Beall
Resourceful HR has been a valuable resource when it comes to reviewing our HR policies and procedures, helping us with compliance, onboarding and answering employees’ questions on behalf of the company. Their level of professionalism and ability to serve as the company’s advocate has resulted in employees feeling heard and understanding why we have the policies we have in place. They have also helped fine tune processes, which has been helpful with compliance. I would definitely recommend Resourceful HR to other companies who are growing and want to establish a professional, experienced HR department.
Paul Rickey
This is the best full-service recruiting I've received. Stephanie has done an absolute great job in bringing us quality candidates and conducting thorough interviews. Her ability to attract experienced and skilled individuals to a small company in this economy has been remarkable. Her weekly updates are comprehensive and have helped us prioritize next steps.
John Sandschulte
Resourceful HR proved to be a great resource and exactly what our business needed. They heightened our understanding of HR in general and helped us figure out ways to retain our talented team over the long-term. We are growing quickly so it was helpful to have a knowledgeable partner who can assist with building our HR infrastructure, including putting benefit plans in place, researching 401K options, recruiting, and developing performance management plans. What I like best about working with Resourceful HR is their diligence in moving us forward and their flexibility when we needed more time. I highly recommend working with Resourceful HR and will continue to utilize their services.
Rob Bordner
I recently experienced Resourceful HR’s recruiting services as a candidate and was pleased with the attention given to me. They were friendly, straightforward and easy to talk with. I felt informed during each step of the process as they clearly communicated their client’s timeline and next steps. The fact that they kept me in mind several months after initially contacting me was impressive.
Brad Greenfield
I've worked with several recruiters in the past and by far working with Resourceful HR has been the best experience. They honed in on what we were looking for and found candidates who were spot-on. We couldn’t have generated the amount of leads, not even close, without their assistance. They were flexible and adaptable and most importantly they helped drive the entire process. From conducting screenings and managing interviews to bringing us quality candidates and making sure each prospect was kept informed throughout the process, Resourceful HR fully met and then exceeded my expectations.
George Schraw
I was very pleased with the quantity and the quality of candidates we received from Resourceful HR. Their diligence during the pre-screening process and their follow-through with both us and potential candidates helped to keep our recruiting projects moving forward. We hired several high-caliber candidates sourced by Resourceful HR. I highly recommend Resourceful HR's services and look forward to our continued work with their team.
Asif Naseem
From the very start, Jennifer took the time to get to know us, our business and our culture, which allows her to serve our needs seamlessly. She is well-respected in the HR community, because she has the unique ability to identify the most relevant details of getting a job done and designing a plan to make it happen. In addition to being knowledgeable about all aspects of HR, she is also extremely productive, detail-oriented and efficient, which is so important in our fast-paced environment. I also like knowing we can go to her with all our HR questions and she’ll have the details we need to make informed decisions. I have had the opportunity to partner with her on recruitment, benchmarking salary surveys and creating job descriptions and I look forward to receiving her support and expertise on future projects.
Alma E. Tcruz
Resourceful HR consultants are energetic, approachable and quick to get things done, which make them extremely easy to work with. We have grown our company from 10 employees to more than 30 and have utilized their services to help us find individuals with very specific skills and experience. Resourceful HR has done an exceptional job working with our managers to write job descriptions, source and qualify candidates, solicit feedback from our staff and keep candidates informed during every step of the process. What has impressed me most in working with Resourceful HR is the breadth of hands-on experience. In addition to recruiting Resourceful HR assists us with orientations, employee relations, performance management as well many other essential HR projects. Their efforts have been critical to the growth of our company and I highly recommend their services.
Russ Hawkinson
Resourceful HR’s HR temp staffing services process proved to be seamless. I was impressed on how they set expectations and how their communication style was very open and very quick. I was hired to cover a leave of absence by helping with benefits, day-to-day recruiting needs and onboarding. It was a great fit for the company where I was placed and my HR generalist background.
Stacey Riden
The three words I would use to describe the service I've received from Resourceful HR are:

Knowledgeable • Communication excellence • Execution

John Sandschulte
I was thoroughly impressed throughout the recruiting process by the quality of candidates brought to us and Resourceful HR's responsiveness to feedback and quick turnaround. They provided detailed descriptions of candidates and recommendations, which freed up my time to focus on doing my job instead of searching through resumes. Resourceful HR's analysis of candidates was spot on, resulting in a very smooth and successful hiring process.
Dave Busby
Resourceful HR’s leadership development consultant helped our team have discussions that will enable them to be a cohesive and strong team. Our business needs were tracked throughout the entire process so that our team walked away understanding how their actions shaped and influenced our business.  I was impressed with their guidance, ability and tool kit in this area.
Hien DeYoung, SPHR