Tell Us About Your Needs

As part of our services we can do all or some of the following service options as well as vary our services based on your desired level of assistance for each specific position. Use the checklist below to indicate the areas of support that would be most beneficial to your organization.

Creating job descriptions, writing compelling job postings and ensuring listings are posted in locations best suited to reach the target candidates.

Performing targeted candidate sourcing to find both passive and active candidates.

Reviewing and assessing candidate resumes and narrowing down the pool to those candidates most appropriate.

Conducting phone or Skype interviews with approved candidates and capturing details on the candidates' skills, qualifications and overall suitability for the position.

Scheduling candidate interviews and compiling detailed information throughout the process so we can make informed hiring decisions.

Managing and fielding candidate inquiries and responses, and providing feedback and updates.

Conducting applicant testing, reference checks, background screening, negotiations, offer letters, candidate declinations and any required paperwork.

Coaching hiring managers on interviewing and/or offer negotiations.

Regardless of the areas you've selected for support, Resourceful HR will help promote a positive brand image for your organization, a critical component to securing top talent in a tight market.