Kris Williams

Sr Consultant, HR Services

I see the recruiting work I do as a form of community service. Every day I talk to scientists, engineers, research people—there’s always the possibility that candidate might have a role in discovering the next cure.

Education and Certifications

My natural curiosity helped me as a student and continues to serve me well when sourcing highly-skilled candidates and quickly determining right fit.

  • BA, University of Washington
  • Certified Diversity Recruiter

Community Involvement/Board Participation

Fortunately working for Resourceful HR, I’m in a position where I’m able to carve out time to volunteer; I see it as my responsibility to the community.

  • Member, NW Recruiters Association
  • Volunteer, YouthCare (supporting LGBTQ homeless youth)

Personal Interests

Outside of work, I spend time with my extraordinary grandchildren, make jewelry, cook, and read books like someday they’re going to disappear.

Client Work

“Finding the right candidate, for the right position, within the right organization.”

I appreciate that the way we work at Resourceful HR allows me to get to know my clients and become their recruiting partner. The client relationships I build help me find the right candidate, for the right position, within the right organization.

Often my clients are looking for candidates who have a very unique set of skills. It takes dedicated time and research to locate candidates with the required skillset. Most of these individuals are passive candidates—they aren’t actively looking for a new job. So it’s up to me to craft a message that inspires and calls them to take action.

It’s not about papering the world with resumes and hoping that something sticks. It’s about finding the right candidate. Recently that meant helping a biopharmaceutical organization find a scientist whose role will be pivotal in drug discovery for inflammatory diseases. When that type of “match” happens the whole community benefits. I may not be changing people’s lives, but I’m honored that the people I recruit just might.

Jennifer Olsen, CEO

I’m an HR business advisor committed to helping organizations balance competing needs.

Laura Doehle, Director of Client Services

I have a passion for helping companies and talent thrive; overseeing our client services allows me an opportunity to put my passion to work.

Stephanie Beck-Tauscher, Director, Service Delivery

I’m an expert recruiting professional who ramps quickly and hits the ground running to deliver client-focused results.

Kris Williams, Sr. Consultant, Recruiting Services

I’m a senior recruiting consultant with extensive experience sourcing talented technology, healthcare, biotech and life science candidates.

Suzette Nedervelt, Consultant, Staffing Services

I’m a recruiter dedicated to helping people find a job they love.

Andrea Allard, Consultant, HR Services

I’m an HR Consultant providing direction and performance insight that helps clients design, implement and maintain key HR initiatives for their business.

Jaime Johns, Consultant, HR Services

I thrive on helping to create amazing cultures by enhancing skills, developing people, and building processes that support strategic decisions for all.

Michele Houston, Systems Administrator

I’m a Systems Administrator who thrives on using technology to help facilitate collaboration that allows our consultants to deliver the services clients need.

Kiersten Adams, Consultant, HR Services

Professional Passion It’s my professional passion to partner with organizations to understand their goals and then create and implement policies, programs, and procedures to ensure a solid HR approach is in place for employees to succeed. When organizations address training and development, performance management, and talent acquisition and onboarding practices—especially prior to anticipated company growth—it’s…