Andrea Allard

Consultant, HR Services

I’m an HR Consultant providing direction and performance insight that helps clients design, implement and maintain key HR initiatives for their business.

Professional Passion

My passion for HR stems from my strong belief in people. We are all capable of much more than we realize. As an HR Consultant, my highest priority is to understand my client’s business, culture and strategic vision. I partner with them by pairing their business expertise with my HR knowledge and skills to determine the most effective approach.

Education and Certifications

I believe education + training = empowerment. Attending training sessions, seminars, and conferences keeps me up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • BS, Central Washington University

Community Involvement/Board Participation

Member, Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Client Work

“Using more than a cookie-cutter approach to HR”

My HR experience has proven that a cookie-cutter approach is not effective because people and businesses are different and they deserve individualized attention. As a consultant for HR Services, I have an opportunity to help my clients put programs and processes in place—both large and small—that can make a huge difference.

Businesses are constantly trying to accomplish so much. One role I fill is helping leaders identify their people priorities, and implement solutions that ensure employees and the business both have what they need. I’m not shy about providing recommendations or feedback, whether it’s a project or question related to:

  • employee relations
  • benefits administration
  • strategic planning
  • policy development, or
  • compliance

Part of my role is to coach and mentor leaders so that they can apply a structure and build a consistent HR approach that works for their team. This is where my broad range of training and background as an HR generalist add value—based on the organization’s needs, I’m able to choose the right method to assist my client in engaging their employees.

Jennifer Olsen, CEO

I’m an HR business advisor committed to helping organizations balance competing needs.

Laura Doehle, Director of Client Services

I have a passion for helping companies and talent thrive; overseeing our client services allows me an opportunity to put my passion to work.

Stephanie Beck-Tauscher, Director, Recruiting Services

I’m an expert recruiting professional who ramps quickly and hits the ground running to deliver client-focused results.

Carol Jacobi, Director, HR Services

I’m an experienced HR professional and change agent with senior-level experience across a wide range of industries.

Kris Williams, Sr. Consultant, Recruiting Services

I’m a senior recruiting consultant with extensive experience sourcing talented technology, healthcare, biotech and life science candidates.

Suzette Nedervelt, Associate Recruiter, Recruiting Services

I’m a recruiter dedicated to helping people find a job they love.

Fae Alexander, Account Manager, HR Staffing

My focus is to recruit quality HR professionals who are the right match for our clients’ temporary HR staffing needs.

Andrea Allard, Consultant, HR Services

I’m an HR Consultant providing direction and performance insight that helps clients design, implement and maintain key HR initiatives for their business.

Jaime Johns, Consultant, HR Services

I thrive on helping to create amazing cultures by enhancing skills, developing people, and building processes that support strategic decisions for all.

Michele Houston, Systems Administrator

I’m a Systems Administrator who thrives on using technology to help facilitate collaboration that allows our consultants to deliver the services clients need.