Taking Advantage of Down Times

Operating in a tight economy can undoubtedly be challenging but organizations can take steps to not only operate effectively now but better position themselves for the future.  What if companies took advantage of these down times to improve their workforce efficiency in order to come out of these tough economic times stronger and more focused?  Now is the time to evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and processes to determine whether they are still relevant to corporate objectives and achieving a return on investment.  Identifying and correcting deficiencies is essential to establishing a solid foundation from which an organization can build upon and ultimately be in a more favorable position to take advantage of future opportunities.

One example is examining your organization’s talent acquisition program.  As unemployment rises many companies with available employment opportunities will be inundated with resumes.  If you are planning to fill any positions this year, we encourage you to assess your ability to handle this resume flow efficiently.  You don’t want a strong value-add candidate to get lost in the shuffle or worse, going to work for a competitor.  Do you have targeted strategies and an effective interview training process in place for your hiring managers and their teams?  Is the candidate selection process fine-tuned?  What is the recruitment brand you want to promote for your organization in the marketplace?  Now is the time to ensure these activities and processes are in place and streamlined so that you are not only poised to procure the best talent but that you are contributing to the bottom line and creating a stronger and more agile organization for the future.

As a recruiter, I’m exposed to new opportunities and information on a daily basis. I thrive on learning about new industries, new technology, new positions—and then using what I’ve learned to help make a great candidate-company match.