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Supporting New HR Management at Tri-Tec Manufacturing


Tri-Tec Manufacturing




Kent, WA




Team Transition, On-boarding, Policy and Process Development, Compliance, Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting

About Tri-Tec Manufacturing

Tri-Tec Manufacturing maintains a modern, fully capable assembly and manufacturing plant where the team produces actuators, couplings, valve closures, and other products to support the maritime industry. Their facility includes the advanced equipment and machinery needed for complete, start-to-finish manufacturing and includes custom machining services to meet unique client needs. They company employs approximately 80 employees and is headquartered in Kent, Washington.

The Need

HR processes and practices often have industry-specific nuances and complexities that require deep knowledge and understanding. Without a smooth transition or access to institutional knowledge when there is a change in HR staff, executive leaders generally face the daunting task of navigating through these intricacies on their own. This can lead to delays, potential gaps in compliance, and a steep learning curve as they strive to grasp the company’s unique requirements. The absence of a clean hand-off increases the pressure on the new team to quickly get up to speed and address critical issues efficiently. After an abrupt departure of their in-house HR team, Tri-Tec Manufacturing found themselves in this exact situation, in urgent need of experienced, savvy HR guidance to support their incoming HR talent.

“The best thing about this relationship is that it’s given me an opportunity to collaborate. Being a one-person show is a difficult place to be. HR is not always black-and-white, and the targets move, so it’s so great to be able to talk through the issues and have an extra set of eyes.”

– Cyndy Jackson, Tri-Tec Manufacturing

Resourceful Response

Tri-Tec Manufacturing was introduced to the idea of fractional HR support through OneDigital’s employee benefits practice, which they’d recently contracted with to support their employee benefit programs. After a few meetings with OneDigital’s HR consultant team, Tri-Tec and OneDigital set priorities and expanded their relationship to include fractional HR support. Together, with TriTec’s new internal HR Manager, OneDigital collaborated across a range of high-priority initiative:

Employee Handbook

OneDigital led the overhaul and update of Tri-Tec’s employee handbook, fleshing out critical topics to add the right level of detail.

Affirmative Action Plan

OneDigital helped develop an affirmative action plan to ensure compliance with federal regulations. This plan is crucial for promoting equal employment opportunities and preventing discrimination at Tri-Tec, a federal contractor for the Department of Defense.

Recruiting Support

OneDigital helped Tri-Tec attract more qualified candidates by creating more consistent and effective job descriptions.

ADP Payroll System Adjustments

OneDigital helped adjust Tri-Tec’s ADP payroll system to distinguish between paid and unpaid time off and ensure accurate coding. This is essential for maintaining accurate records and ensuring proper compensation.

Policy Creation

Tri-Tec partnered with OneDigital’s HR and compliance teams to establish various policies to align with federal requirements. These policies will help ensure compliance and create a consistent framework for their operations.


With OneDigital’s help, Tri-Tec is selecting an alternative program better suited to their competitive benchmarking needs.

Vendor Selection for COBRA and Benefits

OneDigital recommended new vendors to handle COBRA administration and related benefits management. This includes ensuring a smooth transition for employees and maintaining high-quality services in these areas.

By tackling immediate needs efficiently, OneDigital continues to position Tri-Tec to look ahead to the future and plan out its HR priorities and calendar of activities for the year.

Meaningful Results

Together with OneDigital, Tri-Tec continues to achieve its HR goals and establish proper compliance and organizational stability. The value of the partnership lies in the opportunity for collaboration with a dedicated lead and team of HR Consultants alongside other OneDigital practice experts as needs arise. The ability to discuss complex issues, continually evaluate HR processes, partner to accomplish top priorities, and address areas of improvement with a reliable “one phone call away” resource and partner is making all the difference.

OneDigital’s alignment with Tri-Tec’s mission and culture has been evident throughout the engagement. OneDigital understands the unique environment of Tri-Tec as a federal manufacturing company, which has been essential in effectively addressing the challenges they face. The teams work in tandem to support the CEO, demonstrating a deep understanding of Tri-Tec’s organizational dynamics. This partnership has enhanced the HR Manager’s ability to excel in her HR responsibilities while benefiting from OneDigital’s extensive knowledge and support from both the HR and benefits consulting teams.

“My ability to confidently work in my role knowing that I have a team of experts to assist has been vital to the transformation of the HR department at Tri-Tec Manufacturing.”

Cyndy Jackson, Tri-Tec Manufacturing