Staffing Services


Your HR director just gave notice; your best generalist announced she’s moving cross-country; the HR initiative you are excited to launch was approved sooner than expected. You find yourself in need of some skilled HR support. We can help by filling your short-term and direct hire HR needs.


Resourceful HR is a team of human resource and recruiting professionals with years of HR generalist and specialist experience. Our direct experience in HR separates us from most staffing companies. We understand—and have held—the HR roles you need to fill to support a healthy business.


Your industry, goals, and long-term company objectives help us recruit the right HR professional to fit your temporary or direct hire need. Our approach and recommendations are focused on your unique needs, and powered by our network and sourcing abilities.

    Customer Focused

    Our goal is to understand your company so we can make a timely HR placement. We ask a lot of questions to understand your business cycles, demands and necessities. We work with you to identify and select the HR professional whose knowledge, demonstrated experience and style fits within your organization.

    Knowledge Driven

    We are selective when choosing candidates. We use our own collective HR experience to drill down and assess candidates during our interviews. We provide you with all of the information we have and help you select the candidate right for you. Whether you need a generalist to oversee multiple HR functions, a benefits specialist, or an executive who can create a business-focused HR strategy, we will provide candidates who possess the HR knowledge and skills to fulfill your needs.

    Network Powered

    Our relationships within the HR community help us find the right fit for your organization. We hold ourselves—and the professionals we place in your organization—to high standards that reflect the best of HR.


Resourceful HR connects you with HR professionals who help you meet immediate, temporary needs and long-term goals so you’re able to focus on the future and on moving your organization to the next level.


We’re always looking for talented Human Resource professionals to place with our great clients. If you would like to be considered, please send your resume in Word format to us at

Resourceful HR has provided me with several great staffing opportunities. They really took the time to get to know me, asked important questions, were easy to talk with and very informative when describing each of the positions presented. The companies they placed me with were all quality fits. The thing that stood out to me is Resourceful HR's customer service – I feel like my needs are important to them and that I am a priority. They were always available to answer my questions and checked in often to ensure it was a good fit.
Alex Prestia
HR Staffing
Resourceful HR helped me fill a temporary HR generalist role at our company and from the beginning I was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, delivery and responsiveness. The thing that stood out to me is that they listened to me. They really listened to what I wanted rather than trying to sell me on something I didn’t want or need. They are very trustworthy. Their approach resulted in getting quality candidates and filling the role more quickly than if I would have had to do the sourcing. Having their resources and employing their services was very helpful!
Karina Miller
Everyone on the Resourceful HR team is professional, enthusiastic, supportive and responsive. I appreciated that they kept me in mind as they were working to meet the needs of their clients, and when they found a great fit, they let me know. I received comprehensive information that helped prepare me for my interview, and they did a great job of painting a picture of the position and the culture of the company. I am very happy with the HR placement services I received.
Jeanine Willis
I value Resourceful HR’s expertise and approach immensely. They have helped us with our recruiting and temporary staffing needs and we have benefited from their help. Working with them is definitely different than working with other companies who provide these services. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs recruiting, HR temp staffing or outsourced HR services. The entire team is accommodating, helpful and eager to share their knowledge.
Tina Mainar
HR Director of GreenRubino, former HR Director, Visible Technologies
I had the opportunity to utilize Resourceful HR’s staffing services and the quality of service I received was great! They were really good about following up with me on an ongoing basis to make sure I felt supported. Their attentiveness and communication style was extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations. I look forward working with them again!
Fiorella Gaia
HR generalist and HR staffing candidate
I was recruited by Resourceful HR for my current position, which started out as a temporary placement and has since turned into a regular hire position with The Hacker Group. From the start, the team was very friendly, thorough and easy to contact. I am very appreciative of their professionalism and the quality of service I received. I would definitely recommend Resourceful HR for job seekers and companies who have recruiting needs.
Mechelle Monroe
The team at Resourceful HR knows how to create an effective temp engagement! They prepared me for the interview process and ensured my skill set met the needs of the client. The process was very concise and effective and they showed they have absolute integrity in the services they provide both candidates and employers. I have been lucky to work with them and apply my talent acquisition skills.
Nathan Salmon
We asked Resourceful HR to help us find an HR temp and we are very happy with the outcome. They did a great job screening and selecting candidates for us to interview (I was specifically looking for an HR temp with short-term disability administration experience and family medical leave knowledge). They did such a good job finding the right fit we offered the candidate a full-time position within the company. Resourceful HR’s professionalism and the candidate’s abilities have definitely made my life easier!
Meg Mendlin, CEBS, SPHR, CCP
Resourceful HR found the candidate with the right skill set and the right cultural fit for our organization. I am impressed that they took the time to know our company even before we had a need for service. The result is we were able to move swiftly on filling our HR temp need, and the overall process was smooth. From the start they had a good sense of what we needed in terms of fit and budget, and I am very pleased with Resourceful HR’s due diligence and customer service.
Darren Hamby, SVP
I have had the pleasure of working with Resourceful HR as a temporary HR staffing candidate and I am thoroughly impressed! The team was very diligent about reviewing my resume and making sure my qualifications would serve the needs of the client before contacting me. They were also very thorough when explaining what the position entailed so that I could hit the ground running. Because they vetted my experience and ensured I was the right fit for the position, both my and the client's expectations were met and exceeded. The Resourceful HR team has also been diligent when it comes to answering my questions, following up with me regarding my satisfaction and checking in on how things are going with the client. My calls and emails are always answered promptly and the overall support I have received has been exceptional.
Dennisse Bray
I was first introduced to Resourceful HR as a job candidate and have since had the opportunity to use their services. The team is very responsive - I can email or call and they have the answer. From the beginning they were great at setting expectations and keeping in contact with me throughout the hiring process. I appreciate their work and encourage them to keep doing what they are doing!
Katie Stevens
Resourceful HR’s HR temp staffing services process proved to be seamless. I was impressed on how they set expectations and how their communication style was very open and very quick. I was hired to cover a leave of absence by helping with benefits, day-to-day recruiting needs and onboarding. It was a great fit for the company where I was placed and my HR generalist background.
Stacey Riden