Social Networking: What Are Your Employees Saying About You?

What do you do when you discover employees are discussing company issues on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook?  Do you shudder at the thought or reel with excitement?  Potential clients and employees know more about your company than ever before (whether you have officially embraced social networking or not). Companies and employees alike need to understand social networking is about authenticity, transparency and insight into a company’s culture. These channels create dialogue that can promote an organization’s products and workplace as well as enhance or damage careers.  One can’t control who might be “listening”.  Check out:

Some organizations are encouraging employees to participate in social networking.  They see value in the wide reach of connections these sites provide for both procuring new customers and recruits. What better way to engage potential job candidates and customers than to have them personally interact with your brand (which your employees are just as responsible for as your marketing department)?  Zappos social networking philosophy provides food for thought:

Social networking isn’t a fad.  It’s a growing communication channel still in infancy.  The quicker you come up to speed, the faster you grow awareness for your products, services and value proposition for new recruits.  How do you get started?  If you are making sound business and people decisions your employees’ posts and tweets most likely reflect that.  If your practices are sub par, start there.

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