Should Your Employee Handbook be a Top Priority this Year?

As the year kicks into high gear and you further define the HR initiatives that will bring the best value to your organization, we have compiled the following questions to help you decide if creating or updating your employee handbook should be one of those initiatives.

1) Do you find yourself spending a considerable amount of your day answering the same employee questions regarding policies, benefits and career development opportunities?

2) Are your employees unclear on what you expect from them when it comes to your company’s culture and operations?

3) Could you do a better job of ensuring the right policies are in place and documented to guard your organization from the risk of a lawsuit?

4) When recruiting and onboarding, could you provide a more professional impression of your company that differentiates your organization from competitors?

4) When you hire a new employee do you feel like they have a hard time ramping up to providing 100%+ performance?

5) Do you have employee issues that can be eliminated by communicating more clearly and in writing?

6) Is your employee handbook dated or have policies that no longer apply or require additional policies that reflect how you are currently doing business (for instance, telecommuting, social media, electronic device use)?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may want to consider putting an employee handbook at the top of your list.

Other topics that may be helpful as you determine your employee handbook strategy:

What are your thoughts? Let's discuss:

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