Seattle Sick & Safe Leave Ordinance – a Q&A with Katheryn Bradley

Seattle’s new sick and safe leave ordinance will go into effect on September 1, 2012. To prepare for the changes, I sat down with Katheryn Bradley, an Employment Attorney at Lane Powell, to learn more about the details of the ordinance. This new ordinance requires employers who meet certain criteria to provide paid sick and safe leave time to employees who work in Seattle.

Katheryn covers the following:

1. Calculating the number of full time employees you have,
2. More about the “Safe Leave” portion of the ordinance,
3. How the ordinance effects businesses that not physically located in Seattle but have employees working in Seattle,
4. Differences between this ordinance and State and Federal laws, and
5. Advice on what to do to prepare your company

For more information about the ordinance you may wish to read Katheryn’s recent article on the Lane Powell website or attend next week’s NW HR Best Practices Roundtable meeting at which we will talk about this ordinance with Katheryn available to answer questions.

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