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Revitalizing Human Resources at NCS 


National Communication Services, Inc. (NCS)


IT Managed Services & Systems Integration


Bellevue, WA




Team Transition, Policy and Process Development, Compliance

About NCS

National Communications Services, Inc. (NCS) partners with companies to implement smart modern office communication systems, with a focus on Microsoft-based solutions. As a systems integrator, managed service provider, and one of Microsoft’s preferred IT vendors, NCS delivers wide-ranging expertise in both traditional and cloud-based technology. The company invests deeply in long-term partnerships, making a stronger impact over time with its valued clients. 

The Need

NCS reached out to Resourceful in early 2018 to provide part-time support when the HR team found itself understaffed. It soon became clear that the existing processes and policies were not as robust and actionable as they could be, leaving company leaders with extra work and unanswered questions as they dealt with management issues. The gaps became especially evident after a necessary business decision impacted employees directly. Managers found themselves in the difficult position of having to let a few valued employees go, without standard procedures or critical HR support.

Resourceful Response

The team’s first priority was to clearly outline policies to guide the whole array of HR functions: hiring procedures, clear performance review guidelines, leave policies, and employee exit procedures. The overall goal was to empower leaders with clear, actionable steps to handle tricky situations. 

Resourceful also worked with NCS to optimize HR modules during a switch from ADP to the more user-friendly Paylocity system.

“My role is more one of guidance and advisory; I like a flexible approach. I always give rationale behind the suggestions I make. I like to feel I’m partnering with the team, that we’re in it together.”

Kiersten Adams, HR Consultant, Resourceful

Resourceful kept in close touch with the NCS team through weekly calls and occasional on-site visits. As the sole provider of HR services for NCS, Resourceful’s lead consultant works flexibly to be available when needed.

Meaningful Results

Resourceful collaborated closely with NCS to make significant changes during a transitional time. Company leaders now have step-by-step guidelines and clear, objective policies they can turn to when managerial challenges arise. An updated employee handbook and a more streamlined performance review process are in the works to strengthen culture and future employee development. And streamlining HR processes and procedures has freed company executives and leaders to focus more time on their business objectives.

NCS recently hired a full-time resource to rebuild in-house HR support. Resourceful will help onboard the new hire and nurture their fluency in the newly established procedures and policies to ensure a smooth transition.

“They have a really customized, personal approach, and there is no question of what we are going to get done by the next time we meet. I always have a very good understanding of where we are; it’s very clear. They are really committed to what they do. They really, truly care.

Jody Tangney, Corporate Treasurer, NCS