Resourceful HR: Re-evaluating what makes us unique

By Jennifer Olsen

You should see my living room this morning. It’s covered in flip chart paper. What started out as a new web site project has morphed into a dissection of our business

  • What is our brand promise?
  • What service standards can our clients expect?
  • How do we know when we’ve met their expectations?

I know that loosely in our minds we have general ideas that answer these questions but I think it’s time we get it down on paper and share it with you. I’ll want to take some time with this over the course of the year to really dive into what makes us truly unique from other HR firms and what makes our clients raving fans. I’ll share this journey with you as I expect I am not the only one who struggles with how to articulate who, what and why a business exists to the outside world with clarity and truth. Posts won’t come on a “schedule”. They’ll come as we finish a piece or discover some nugget of what we think might be wisdom and useful to share. Our blog will be less of reference guide moving forward and instead be a journey of evolvement both internally at Resourceful HR and from what we learn working with clients and external research. We hope you appreciate the change in focus and invite your feedback. One thing I know for sure about us is our desire for feedback. It’s what fuels us to keep doing what’s working and immediately tweak what could be changed.
I hope 2015 is off to an exciting start for you. Cheers to what’s possible for all of us in the year 2015.
– Jennifer

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Michelle Bomberger

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. This task is something that seems it *should* be easy but is really, really challenging. The “why” is so important and getting to the root of it can be tough (but fun, too)! I look forward to following you (and helping as I can) on this journey.

"My professional passion stems from a fascination with how the individual needs of employees, managers, and the business converge to produce an outcome. I’m driven by a desire to help leaders and employees find the balance between competing needs so they can work together to address the challenges they face."