IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: OneDigital has acquired Resourceful, expanding the human resources services in the Pacific Northwest market.

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In 2018, Resourceful HR celebrated ten years of supporting organizations in growing and caring for their people. Our community of clients, partners, and colleagues is strong and ever-evolving. We’re so grateful. We are passionate about our work—and dedicated to thriving alongside our clients. This felt like an important milestone to revisit our vision and values to best position ourselves for the future.

Reflecting on our roots

In partnership with Vitamin C Creative, Catherine Carr led a deep dive into what makes us, well, us. We reflected on what’s important to us and what sets us apart. Common themes ranged from a genuine belief in collaboration to making a difference in our community. And, over many conversations and cups of coffee, we were reminded how much our clients share those values, too. We work with a wide range of organizations that all share a common resonance—they care about making a positive impact. When we think about what drives us to do this work, we light up with a desire to collaborate. We may call them clients, but we treat our work like a partnership. Our experience has taught us both best practices and creative solutions, so we can tailor our work to the unique needs of each organization.

Renewing Our Vision

To reflect this clarity and sense of purpose, we’re making a small, yet significant change. We’re simplifying our name to Resourceful. (Nice to re-meet you!) HR services are the foundation of our offering, and we found that “Resourceful HR” wasn’t serving us best when “Resourceful” would do. It may feel minor, but it feels right. On that note, we considered the services we provide. Human resources touches many aspects of an organization—and we are happy to advise on and help with whatever our clients most need. Our new tagline speaks for itself: Your full-spectrum HR team. The evolution also extends to our aesthetic. We’re excited to unveil our updated logo and refined color palette—both modern and approachable, just like Resourceful. Lastly, we want to articulate our renewed commitment: To help impact-focused organizations and their people thrive. Our list of impact-focused organizations encompasses many industries and types of businesses, including innovators in clean energy, sustainability, life sciences, health, manufacturing, technology, professional services, and education, as well as family-owned businesses and nonprofits. We’re dedicated to making a difference with each and every one. We look forward to the next ten years of Resourceful. May they be rewarding, relationship-focused, and truly impactful. Warmly, Jennifer Olsen, Founder and CEO