Recruiting: Marketing, Networking and Integration

A few weeks ago after attending SourceCon, Genevieve Phillips, one of Resourceful HR’s recruiting consultants, wrote a post about talent sourcing best practices. After reading that blog post, I reflected upon how some of the latest techniques and changes affect and extend into the recruitment process.  This evolution, in large part, is due to the Information Age and how quickly news, ideas, and knowledge is transferred and absorbed.

The days of writing basic job descriptions and calling upon your personal network of friends and business colleagues to find top talent, is a time of the past.  We have entered into a new age of what some are calling “integrated recruiting.” It is a more holistic approach on recruiting that builds upon the fact that successful companies need to continually search for, and engage with the future talent that their organization will be built upon.  While building personal and professional networks will always remain a basic staple, recruiters must now plan ahead for future organizational needs while working to satisfy immediate recruitment goals.

Three Key Aspects of Integrated Recruiting Include:

  1. Marketing – Job descriptions must be written with the company’s employment branding in mind. As a recruiter, you need to focus on filling the position at hand but also take into consideration that a wider audience will likely be viewing your description.  Always take into consideration: what do you want people to know about your organization?  Why should a passive job seeker keep your company in mind as a potential future employer?   While you’re targeting individuals for an immediate need you’re also recruiting for future job opening that may not yet exist.
  2. Networking – Find networking opportunities online, attend events, and expand your personal and professional networks.  Focus your efforts on individuals that may make a valuable contribution to your organization.  This should be a combination of cultural fit as well as skills and knowledge base. You can tap into these resources to find other groups or individuals of similar caliber.
  3. Integration – The overall recruitment plan should integrate employment branding, marketing plans, and other aspects of your business.  Engage candidates for the current need while enticing and engaging with future prospects.  Build a long-term pipeline for the organization as a whole; not just for a specific position or targeted team.

Top talent will always be in demand.  How will your organization establish relationships with these individuals so you receive the first call when they are ready to make a move?  Integrated recruiting is the ultimate pre-sales tool for attracting talent.

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