Quality-focused Recruiters – Yes, We Do Exist

When I tell people that Resourceful HR provides outsourced recruiting or about my background in recruiting, it fascinates me that most everyone has a negative recruiter experience to share. Most often it is a result of a recruiter focused on placing people regardless of fit for the sole purpose of getting paid and moving on to the next role. I’ve worked as a recruiter in several different environments and it is true, there are some recruiters and recruiting organizations that are more concerned with quantity of placements over quality of placements. My experience working in a quota oriented environment is the reason why I became so passionate about organizations hiring the right talent. As I talk to business leaders and hiring managers, I’m always working to dispel the myth that recruiters only care about quantity. Here are three traits I look for to identify recruiters focused on quality hires.

1) Quality oriented recruiters delve into the organizational culture and keys to success in the environment. Understanding what makes your organization unique allows the recruiter to ask candidates questions that highlight their alignment with your needs. A technical writer candidate may have the skills to do the job but not thrive in your rapidly growing start up that is faced with tight timelines and requires long hours. A quality oriented recruiter understands aligning candidates to the environment and culture is often the most important factor determining success in a role.

2) Recruiters interested in making quality hires enjoy building relationships with candidates and the hiring organization. Understanding the trajectory of the organization is useful in finding candidates that align with that trajectory. The candidate that can help you launch a product in three months is not the same candidates that will help you design and develop a new product. You want to make sure the candidate you select is not simply looking for a 6 – 12 month gig if you need someone to stick around longer term.

3) The quality-oriented recruiter has repeat, long-term customers. This applies for both internal and external customers. If you stopped working with a recruiter because they were not providing candidates that met your needs, you are probably not alone. That recruiter likely has a client base of one hit wonders. A quality oriented recruiter will have worked on numerous roles for a client and adds new clients based on referrals and reputation.

I joined Resourceful HR to help businesses grow through recruiting and HR practices. We don’t focus on throwing candidates into roles just to fill a seat in the organization. We focus on getting the right person into the right role. When we do that, our clients will ultimately grow and then need more recruiting help.

As you look at adding team members, I’m asking you to keep an open mind to recruiters. There are many who want to see your business succeed and making good hires is key to success. Get to know the recruiter or recruiting team. Find out what got them where they are at. If the answer doesn’t revolve around quality hires and helping businesses grow and succeed, they may not be the best resource for you.

I’d love to hear what other traits you’ve seen in quality-focused recruiters.

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