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Welcome to Springboard.

Welcome to Springboard, the HR Blog for non-HR professionals! In this forum, we aim to provide useful information to help employers make smart, efficient and best-practice people decisions. We know you struggle with competing priorities every day. You have financial projections to meet, investors to appease, payroll to make…the list goes on and on. We…

Tweaking Employee Benefits During Hard Times

As we continue to see reports of companies cutting jobs, it’s important to think about creative ways to proactively work toward keeping your work force in place, yet addressing the economic needs of the company. We’d like to generate some ideas and discussions on what employers can do to mitigate this situation, starting with employee…

Recruiting Through Social Networks

Netpop, a Market Research firm, recently released a study indicating that social networking has increased 93% since 2006. Microsoft is piloting a new online recruitment campaign for the Entertainment and Devices Division that includes built-in connections to the top social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Intel has taken it a step further…

Investing Employee Compensation in Product Development

Companies are looking for solutions to increase employee loyalty, eliminate layoffs and determine clever funding for product development in the absence of outside investment opportunities. When clients face these challenges, we often discuss ways to increase employee ownership in the business. Read more for innovative compensation ideas

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