Performance Management Drives Business Results

Performance reviews are an effective tool in business to increase communication, establish expectations, reinforce good performance and improve poor performance. Reviews also provide an opportunity for employers to encourage teamwork and keep a pulse on employee morale. Preparation and execution of an effective performance review can be an easy task but if done incorrectly, the process can take on unnecessary complexity, harm the relationship between employee/employer as well as leave the employee confused and nervous. These are never positive attributes for fully functioning organization.

Here are several tips we share with clients to ensure performance reviews motivate employees, improve low performance and streamline business results:

  • Coach and train your management staff on conducting reviews to get the results you desire. Managers who conduct reviews on an ongoing basis (instead of just once a year) will be better positioned to incent their staff to achieve results.
  • Recognize and reward high-performers. We all know how good it feels when our manager acknowledges our hard work and rewards our results Reinforcing good performance will ensure employees remain engaged and performing at the level you desire.
  • Use reviews to help employees who may be struggling by defining exactly what areas are in need of immediate improvement. Generally, an employee knows they are struggling which leads to uneasy feelings. Bringing it out into the open and clearly communicating what they need to do to succeed will help them as well as other staff who are relying on them to accomplish their responsibilities.

We all need to know how we are doing in our jobs: good or bad. Without this knowledge, employee’s can’t help the organization reach its fiscal potential. An employee should not have to ask for their review, it should be a key component to managing your business.

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