Outsourced HR


Resourceful HR is a team of human resource management professionals who are passionate about helping you successfully navigate and manage everything related to the people side of your business. As your outsourced HR department, we’ll get started right away to address your immediate needs and execute an HR approach that considers your goals, unique situation and long-term objectives.

We know that you want to build an efficient, great company and we want to help you do that. We’ll take care of your HR and go beyond regulations and requirements to ensure you have the right people in the right seats delivering the results you need.


What stage of development is your business in? Are you growing, maintaining or experiencing decline? No matter the stage, we’ve been there. We’ve built our team with diverse experiences and industries to give you a trusted, deep resource of information and recommendations to help you through whatever business cycle you are experiencing.

Here are a few service examples you can expect in our relationship.

    Ongoing Support

    We work with you on a regular basis to assist employees and managers with HR related questions, concerns and employee relations issues.

    Employee onboarding and development

    Understanding that the success of your business depends on having engaged employees, we design, implement and manage onboarding and employee development strategies that help you retain and grow your workforce.

    Attraction, motivation and retention

    Attracting, motivating and retaining employees requires thought and care. We use all of the HR tools available—as well as our years of experience—to help you with workforce planning and program design to retain talent while also meeting your financial needs.

    Managing performance

    Our performance management approach is proactive: observe, provide coaching, document results. We’ll help you create, launch, and maintain a performance review process that helps your organization recognize employees for outstanding performance, as well as address performance issues and offer constructive feedback.

    Mitigating risk

    Our focus is on the lifecycle of your business—whether you need management coaching, engagement surveys, or employee separations, we handle HR operations, legal compliance and administrative functions so that you can focus on other parts of your business. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and do the work with you to establish systems— before an HR emergency occurs.


In the business world, it’s all about impact. With commitment, creativity and courage, Resourceful HR is here to recommend and support HR practices that will deliver positive results in your organization.

Anytime we reach out to Resourceful HR, they are there for our outsourced HR needs. They started by meeting with us and asking us about what we were looking for and took the time to understand our processes and the culture of our company. We really like their style and type of communication and most importantly the HR expertise they bring to our company.
Pam Gregory, Bryan Gochenour – Lee Smart, P.S., Inc.
HR Manager, Director of Finance and Operations
Resourceful HR’s services have allowed me to focus on the goals of our company and reduce the time we spend on the day-to-day bureaucracy of running an organization. They have done an exemplary job of helping us stay compliant with state and federal laws and have made it so I don’t even have to think about managing the HR aspect of our business. As the bioscience field becomes more virtual and the need for a full time HR person is lessened, we are very happy to have Resourceful HR’s flexible and customized services to fulfill our needs.
Bruce Montgomery, M.D.
CEO, Cardeas Pharma
We chose to use Resourceful HR's outsourced HR services during a time when we did not have a full-time HR person in-house. They got up to speed quickly and did a great job ensuring nothing fell through the cracks and most importantly kept things moving forward. The support we receive has allowed us to keep our HR infrastructure in place and provided us with detailed information on what the in-house HR role should include in order to make our employees and company successful.
John Bencich
I have only great things to share regarding Resourceful HR's work with WA STEM. They accommodated our needs and our timeline beautifully. Each step of the way the team asked good questions to ensure what we received was exactly what we wanted and needed. I've already recommended their services to other organizations as they have proved to be a valuable, cost-effective resource.
Cindy Gustafson
I can't overstate how great it's been to work with Resourceful HR. From the outset, Jennifer has shown herself to be the consummate professional—incredibly responsive and tuned-in to her clients' needs. Our consultant is an invaluable resource helping us to create an HR department from the ground up. We rely on Resourceful HR for matters of compliance and HR best practices. We've received roughly eight to twelve hours a week of service and it's been amazing to see what is accomplished in that relatively short time. Our employees see our consultant as an objective advocate of their needs as well as a competent representative of the company-at-large. We acquired another company and Resourceful HR guided us through the entire process on the HR-side. I honestly don't know what we'd have done without the help from Resourceful HR.
Molly Ward
Former Senior Director, Legal & Business Operations, Visible Technologies
Resourceful HR has been a valuable resource when it comes to reviewing our HR policies and procedures, helping us with compliance, onboarding and answering employees’ questions on behalf of the company. Their level of professionalism and ability to serve as the company’s advocate has resulted in employees feeling heard and understanding why we have the policies we have in place. They have also helped fine tune processes, which has been helpful with compliance. I would definitely recommend Resourceful HR to other companies who are growing and want to establish a professional, experienced HR department.
Paul Rickey
Resourceful HR proved to be a great resource and exactly what our business needed. They heightened our understanding of HR in general and helped us figure out ways to retain our talented team over the long-term. We are growing quickly so it was helpful to have a knowledgeable partner who can assist with building our HR infrastructure, including putting benefit plans in place, researching 401K options, recruiting, and developing performance management plans. What I like best about working with Resourceful HR is their diligence in moving us forward and their flexibility when we needed more time. I highly recommend working with Resourceful HR and will continue to utilize their services.
Rob Bordner
From the very start, Jennifer took the time to get to know us, our business and our culture, which allows her to serve our needs seamlessly. She is well-respected in the HR community, because she has the unique ability to identify the most relevant details of getting a job done and designing a plan to make it happen. In addition to being knowledgeable about all aspects of HR, she is also extremely productive, detail-oriented and efficient, which is so important in our fast-paced environment. I also like knowing we can go to her with all our HR questions and she’ll have the details we need to make informed decisions. I have had the opportunity to partner with her on recruitment, benchmarking salary surveys and creating job descriptions and I look forward to receiving her support and expertise on future projects.
Alma E. Tcruz
Resourceful HR’s leadership development consultant helped our team have discussions that will enable them to be a cohesive and strong team. Our business needs were tracked throughout the entire process so that our team walked away understanding how their actions shaped and influenced our business.  I was impressed with their guidance, ability and tool kit in this area.
Hien DeYoung, SPHR