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We partner with a wide range of organizations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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  • Phase Genomics
  • Alpine Immune Sciences
  • Cyrus Biotechnology
  • Ventec Systems
  • ReachBio
  • Tag.bio
  • Rainier Therapeutics
  • Angion Biomedica
  • Owl Insights

“The services Resourceful provides are unique, especially in their commitment and their ability to understand the needs of specialized industries in a growth cycle.”

Paul Rickey, CFO, Alpine Immune Sciences


  • WISErg
  • Bio Energy Washington
  • Beta Hatch
  • OneEnergy Renewables
  • MicaSense

“While their expertise and cost model played big roles in selecting them as an HR partner, it was their ability to listen and be flexible that stood out to me. They took the time to really understand what we needed so that the process came together easily and we achieved the results we were seeking.

Kristin Martinez, CFO, One Energy Renewables


  • Washington STEM
  • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
  • Nia Tero
  • ORS Impact

“Resourceful accommodates our needs and our timeline beautifully. Each step of the way the team asks good questions to ensure what we receive is exactly what we want and need. They have proved to be a valuable, cost-effective resource.”

Cindy Gustafson, Washington STEM


  • Alliance 2020
  • Moore Fire Protection
  • Seabrook
  • Vossler

“Our consultant acts like she is one of our employees; she feels like one of us. She comes across as engaged and taking ownership. The staff knows she is outside but it doesn’t strike them that way. She is invested; I think it’s just the way she carries herself.”

Christophe Chabaud, General Manager, Seabrook


  • Lee Smart
  • National Communications Services
  • Botanical Designs
  • Cognition Studio

“Any time we reach out to Resourceful, they are there for our HR needs. They take the time to understand our processes and the culture of our company. We really like their style and type of communication and most importantly the HR expertise they bring to our company.”

Pam Gregory, Lee Smart


  • Beckwith & Kuffel
  • Progressive International
  • Food Dreams Made Real
  • RedDOT Corporation


  • Organizations, teams, and individual leaders seek to amplify impact by working directly with Resourceful’s CEO Jennifer Olsen. Read more.

Other coaches I’ve experienced want everyone to have a particular leadership style—a very authoritarian leadership style—without recognizing that different people lead differently. Jennifer’s coaching approach is more flexible. She feels that finding and maintaining one’s authentic self is the best approach.”


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