Job Search Success – Tips for landing the right job

Recently I was invited to serve as an information resource for job seekers at Washington Technology Industry Association’s (WTIA) Back to Work event. I met some great people and shared advice and tips on the most effective job search actions you can take as well as the best way to leverage your time. I’ve included several tips here and would like to hear from you about techniques you have used to be successful when interviewing.

Job Search Tips:

Utilize your resources. Check out these online tools:

  • Job boards – The big job boards are a given (Monster, Career Builder, Dice, Indeed etc.).
    Make sure you are posting your resume here but also look for job boards unique to the industries you want to work in.
  • Social networking sites – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as niche sites. There are lots of social networking sites so it is important to research where your audience is participating.
  • Corporate websites to learn more about the companies you want to work for.
  • Your own blog for bolstering your professional brand.

Maximize your time. Time management tips:

    We recommend spending two hours everyday on your job search. Use the following strategy to get the most out of your time:
    30 minutes = Research job postings and companies and identify individuals that can help with your job search.

  • 15 minutes = Respond to job postings.
  • 15 minutes = Reach out to individuals in your network that can connect you.
  • 15 minutes = Social networking – Join a new group on LinkedIn, post a comment in a job forum, tweet about a new resource you have found.
  • 30 minutes = Skill building – read up on industry trends, attend a webinar, learn something new about your industry or hone the skills you already possess.
  • 15 minutes = Research a new networking event to attend each month and set-up informational interviews.

Focus. Be picky and passionate.
Companies are looking for candidates who are clear on what they want to do and passionate about a specific skill-set and industry. During the interview process, share your excitement and show how you plan to add value to an organization.

Connect. Schedule Informational interviews.

  • Don’t feel shy setting these up. People enjoy imparting knowledge and sharing their career experience.
  • At the close of the meeting ask for two or more people they can connect you with.
  • Show their time is valuable by buying them coffee and sending a thank you note.

Enjoy your time off because it will be short-lived. Don’t forget to do the activities you enjoy while you have the time.

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I really liked the advice on managing your job-search time. Thanks for sharing!

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