Invest in Employee Learning – You’ll be glad you did!

This year’s motto at Resourceful HR is to go deep and it is especially appropriate when it comes to giving our employees opportunities to continue their education and encouraging our clients to provide educational opportunities to their employees. There are so many operational benefits when it comes to educating employees including loyalty, productivity, confidence and ownership. And if that is not enough to make education a priority consider this – educating your employees helps ensure your customers are being served effectively so you can be even more competitive in your industry.

There are many ways to provide continuing education including, paying for a class an employee wants to take or an industry conference they want to attend, organizing lunch and learn meetings, inviting a vendor or outside expert to share their expertise on a specific topic, providing mentoring opportunities and providing a library of books and DVDs associated with the topics your employees want to learn more about. Another opportunity to capitalize on your employee educational efforts is to involve your employees as much as possible – have them lead a training or if they attend a conference have them share what they learned with the rest of the staff or with their team.

Understanding the importance of keeping up with the trends of your industry and the news and laws that affect you industry will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. Share with us what you are doing to create a learning environment at your organization in the comments below.

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