Identifying HR Best Practices

As a business owner, you most likely spend considerable time and effort in your organization identifying the sales, marketing and customer service best practices that attract, acquire and retain happy customers. Do you extend this same analysis and information capture to the human resource aspects of your business? How might doing so increase revenue?

Employee attraction is a great place to begin capturing HR best practices. How did your best employees’ first learn about the job opportunity with your organization? What common trends occurred during the courtship? Capturing this information allows you to capitalize on recruiting techniques that focus spending on activities with a proven track record rather than guesstimates that may or may not pan out. You can then extend this same identification process to staff retention. What common practices at your organization keep high performers from looking at opportunities outside the company?

Resourceful HR would like to capture the HR Best Practices at your organization and provide a venue to compare those assets to other organizations in the NW marketplace. To do this, Resourceful HR recently launched a research project with David Black, an attorney with Jackson Lewis, LLP to capture HR Best Practices in the NW. As part of this process, we are interviewing HR experts and business owners for an article/survey entitled “HR Best Practices in the Pacific Northwest” (e-pub date: Fall/Winter 2009). Participants receive a free copy of the results. If you’d like to participate, please contact me at We hope you’ll choose to participate.

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