HR Assessment

Take stock of essential people programs

Competing day-to-day priorities can make meaningful progress against critical HR initiatives a challenge. Use this assessment tool to quickly evaluate what’s working and what needs attention.

For each item, adjust the sliders to indicate how well each of these important HR components aligns with your business goals and supports your mission.

0 = Not in place yet
1 = In place, but not meeting our needs
3 = Meeting our needs moderately well
5 = Meeting our needs very well

Recruitment and Staffing

Do you have the right people on your team, or a plan to get them? What skills exist in-house, and what talent needs to be recruited? Does every step of your process help build a positive brand impression?

1. Job Analysis and Job Descriptions
2. Applicant Tracking
3. Interview Process
4. Selection Process
5. Offers and Declines
6. Hiring Paperwork
(offer letters, background checks, reference checks, I-9)

Retention and Performance Management

Once you have the right people on board, how do you help them grow and thrive? Do you have strong systems in place to acknowledge positive contributions and address areas of concern? How are workplace issues and employee questions handled?

1. Onboarding
2. Employee Development
3. Employee Relations
4. Management Training
5. Performance Reviews
6. Employee Recognition Programs
7. Performance Improvement Processes
8. Termination Process
9. Reduction In Force Process

Compensation and Benefits

Do your compensation strategies and benefits align with your business and the market? What will help attract and keep the right people?

1. Base Compensation and Equity Review
2. Benefits
3. Paid Time Off Programs
4. Total Rewards Strategy
5. Retirement Investment Programs
6. Incentives and Perks


Are you up to date with complex compliance requirements? Can you respond quickly to new employment regulations?

1. Employee Handbook
2. Safety and Security
3. Workers' Compensation
4. Leave of Absence
5. Employment Litigation
6. Internal Complaint Process
7. Regulatory Compliance
HIPAA; OSHA; required employee notifications)

HR Administration and Technology

Do you have the right tools in place to streamline operational tasks so you can focus on more strategic needs?

1. Employment Regulations
2. HR Information System (HRIS) Management
3. Recordkeeping and Employee Files
4. Turnover Analysis
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