Executive Coaching

Amplify your impact

Having a partner who believes you can succeed and wants to help you get there enriches the journey to success.

Resourceful CEO Jennifer Olsen is a certified Executive Coach who works with leaders and teams to create an inspired vision of their leadership and support them in accomplishing that vision through active self-awareness and stretch practices.


“I tell people coaching is an investment, not a cost. There’s great benefit in sitting with a coach like Jennifer who is very good at what she does, and who is able to help you find your direction. She understands what people need.”

Financial Services Policy and Research Director


Jennifer uses a variety of strategies to help leaders learn, build, and move forward, in a confidential coach-client relationship built on trust.

See how Jennifer used relationship-strengthening strategies to improve leadership at a foundation here, and get in touch to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.

“I genuinely love helping leaders expand in ways they never imagined. In today’s uncertain world, leaders are faced with challenges that require them to model resilience and increased capacity to handle whatever comes. Expanding their capacity while infusing calm and capability remains one of the best parts of serving as a coach.”

Jennifer Olsen, CEO, Resourceful

executive coach jennifer olsen


Jennifer also offers one- and two-day workshops teaching high-impact communication skills for high-stakes conversations.