Growth Strategies – HR Temp Staffing and Outsourced HR

The Puget Sound area marketplace is once again and not surprisingly experiencing a period of growth. We have some great organizations and industries that have proved time and time again their commitment to innovation, business efficiencies and employee satisfaction. The Seattle Office of Economic Development recently shared some exciting headlines regarding employment and the economy in 2013:

“Seattle Ranks One of the Ten Best Cities to Find Employment. Forbes, April 22, 2013”

“Seattle Ranked Fifth on List of Best Cities for Good Jobs. Forbes, February 25, 2013”

“Seattle Ranked Thirteenth of 200 Best-Performing Large Metro Areas. Atlantic Cities, April 29, 2013”

“Seattle Ranked Seventh-Best City to Start a Business. Nerd Wallet, April 22, 2013”

“Seattle Ranks Third on List of Manufacturing Boomtowns. New Geography, May 15, 2013”

All great indicators for growth to say the least and also a good reminder that organizations need to continue to create strategies that help garner growth and innovation while minimizing costs. Two of the ways in which we have seen organizations garner growth and foster innovation are:

1. Outsourcing their HR needs

2. Hiring temporary human resources and payroll/benefits professionals.

Each of these avenues provides a way to get the knowledge and employee-power needed to accomplish business goals and propel organizations forward.

As employers begin recruiting and onboarding new employees it makes sense that there is an increased demand for HR professionals to support their growing employee base. Anecdotally, it appears that many employers are optimistic but remaining cautious and therefore opting for temporary or outsourced staff to support that need. My expectation is that many of these temporary HR positions will convert into regular full-time roles as the economy continues to strengthen. In fact, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal, May’s unemployment rate was the lowest since 2008!

It’s an exciting time in our region and we are we are very proud to be a part of such a wonderful and innovative business community!

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