Grow50™– Cultivating Entrepreneurial Success and Innovation in the Northwest

Our team is excited to announce that Resourceful HR has joined Grow50™, a newly created consortium of Seattle professionals focused on helping early-stage businesses in the Pacific Northwest plan, fund, grow and operate successfully. Grow50™’s support of entrepreneurs is designed to benefit the local economy, helping to foster job growth and innovation. Over the long-term Grow50™ plans to assist 50 promising organizations. Resourceful HR chose to participate in the consortium to help fuel the Northwest’s innovation and job creation landscape. There is so much talent and great minds in the Northwest and providing them with the tools to succeed is very important and very exciting to all of us at Resourceful HR.

Grow50™’s first plan of action includes partnering with Northwest Entrepreneur’s Network (NWEN)’s First Look Forum, an exclusive, bi-annual, invite-only investor showcase where 12 never-seen-before, early-stage growth-oriented startups from every segment of innovation share why and how investing in their company will make an impact on the marketplace and community. The Grow50™ consortium is made up of professional companies who are willing to donate their time and expertise to assist two First Look Forum winners. This ensures these new start-ups have the leadership expertise and brain trust needed to succeed without the upfront investment. As many business owners understand all too well, there is always a “catch 22” when launching a business – you have a great idea but not always the funds to move the concept forward. Grow50™ is designed to help organizations better position themselves through greater customer and talent acquisition so that they are even more appealing to investors.

Through Grow50™, companies have access to services such as finance, marketing, public relations, trademarking/patenting, and engineering/design, to name a few. Each contributing business is focused on helping entrepreneurial leaders remedy what is keeping them up at night and advise on a strategy for succeeding. Specifically, Resourceful HR will provide guidance on the HR programs and processes that will be bring the greatest return on investment and assist with recruiting and hiring the right talent to be and remain competitive.

We are very excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Washington State’s economy while tapping into the phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that is prevalent in this area. We hope you will follow us on this exciting journey and offer your success tips along the way! We will be sharing more information through our blog, Facebook and Twitter about the companies we are assisting. Ready, set, launch!

You can learn more about Grow50™ here and here.

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