Focus on the Client: Mutual Growth and Success

In just a few short weeks, Resourceful HR will be opening a location in the San Francisco Bay area. While exploring and planning for this expansion, we spent time evaluating what has brought us the ability to make this leap. The most obvious answer is our clients.

Clients are the lifeblood of a consulting firm. Our very own Laura Doehle was recently featured in a Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) online publication about achieving success in consulting. The article, available to SHRM members, highlighted best practices for consultants. Reflecting on this article and planning for our expansion allowed me the opportunity to identify key areas that have facilitated Resourceful HR’s ability to partner with amazing clients and help propel both them and Resourceful HR to success. When our clients experience growth and success, RHR grows with them to better serve their needs. Here are some of the key take-away’s I identified about what allows us to help our clients be successful, meet their goals and reach their full potential:

*Listen carefully. It’s always about asking the right questions and getting to the heart of the situation. Every organization has unique challenges and it is critical that we listen to those needs and then determine how we can help in that area.

*Focus on relationships. Human Resources is, by its very definition, about humans. Our consultants get to know our clients as people and not just an organization. These relationships allow RHR to take over key activities for our clients so their employees can focus on strengths and deliverables. This allows us to add value in ways the organization never expected.

*Work as a team. Both within Resourceful HR and with our clients, it is all about team work. We leverage our team’s broad experiences, niche expertise and expansive networks to quickly support our clients with their recruiting and HR needs as well as direct our clients to other resources that will also allow them to achieve success.

*Address pain points. First we solve the immediate problem, then we proactively address other potential challenges. If our clients have a specific pain point, that is where we go first. No matter what other areas we identify as needing attention, without addressing the client’s immediate problem, no other support will be beneficial.

When asking our clients why they work with us, I’m sure many of them will mention at least a few of the above points without even thinking twice. RHR knows that when the client comes to us, they are seeking advice and help on a specific issue and expecting concrete results. Instead of working for our clients, we choose to work with them: creating a solid relationship by working as a team with the client and utilizing the RHR team and our resources.

We would love to hear from you on your best practices for focusing on the client. Share your thoughts below.


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