Find and Hire the Best Candidate in this Job Market

Securing top talent is getting harder, especially when it comes to filling specialized or technical positions. To help our clients find and secure the best candidates in this changing job market we’ve compiled a list of recruitment strategy tips:

Use several sourcing strategies to gain visibility
. In addition to advertising online, ask your staff to participate in professional associations, develop relationships with university placement offices and clubs on campus, and monitor online resources for potential candidates who may have resumes online even if they’re not actively looking. You may also want to remind employees about or implement an employee referral program.

Consider in-house candidates. Providing current employees with growth opportunities lets them know their skill sets and accomplishments are appreciated. Post positions internally first when appropriate.

Have a plan in place before engaging in interviews
. Ideally only the top candidates should be invited onsite for an in-person interview with your team. Identify key decision makers and stakeholders early on and make sure they know what is expected of them throughout the interview process. This will ensure each candidate is treated consistently, which is important for your company image and helps avoid legal issues.

Understand the benefits of working for your company and communicate them
. Top talent is often looking for two things – they want to be a part of winning team and they want opportunities for career development. Be able to thoroughly communicate these benefits during the candidate’s interview.

Communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process. The best candidates are likely to have multiple job offers and move quickly when considering a position so have a plan for keeping them interested in your company. Recruiters/managers should be gathering information and essentially ‘pre-closing’ throughout the process so there are no surprises once the offer is extended.

Hire the candidate with a track record of producing results. We believe “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior” so it is important to ask candidates and their references for specific examples of the behaviors and experience you are seeking.

Start the employment relationship on a good, solid foundation
. Once the best candidate has accepted your offer, your work is not done. Have a plan for integrating that person and their skills into the workplace so they can hit the ground running. If you want the best, and want the best to make referrals then create an on-boarding process that is smooth, exciting and welcoming.

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