Every Business Is In The Communication Business

Even though we continue to see technology streamline how we conduct business, the old fashioned human voice remains a crucial element when it comes to doing business. The way you communicate can instantly affect the emotions, attitudes, and productivity of people. For example, the voices on a company’s telephone lines, made up of employees, speak volumes for a business’ brand. For this reason, it’s important for supervisors to correct any person whose communication style or manner is too informal, too rude, or too vulgar. You must consider it something serious and move rapidly to correct the issue.

Some tactics supervisors can use:

  • Timing: Meeting with the employee as soon as you’ve heard an inappropriate exchange. This emphasizes the seriousness and is critical when dealing with a complaint regarding rudeness or inappropriate language.
  • Preparation: Be sure to have an example of the improper behavior you want to remedy, whether it’s through firsthand experience or a complaint. This is not something that has to be a “pattern”. An inappropriate exchange happening once is once too many. Again, you must act on it immediately.
  • Attitude: Be sure to display the attitude you want when addressing the issue. If a staff member is too informal, you should be businesslike and straightforward but relaxed. If the employee is rude or uses inappropriate language, you need to be firm, and let them know that they should know better than to use this kind of language in the work place.
  • Behavior: Be direct and to the point. Stress that rude manners are unacceptable in any business environment.

Key Points to remember:

  • Act immediately
  • Don’t be afraid to let someone understand the consequences of their actions
  • Don’t accept excuses for inappropriate behavior or language
  • Emphasize that the individual represents the company

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