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“Outsourcing has the potential to make your organization leaner, more adaptive, smarter and more profitable,” writes Meghan M. Biro in Forbes. “However, it must be done with foresight, savvy and a secure understanding of what it will mean.”

All companies benefit from having an HR professional who has expertise and knowledge about the people side of business. However, due to budget constraints, size of the business, or other factors, it’s not realistic for every company to have a full-time HR professional on staff. That’s when the outsourced, “part-time” support that Resourceful HR provides can be a great fit.

We don’t take our outsourced assignments lightly. Like Biro, we believe it’s important that you know who you’re hiring, what they deliver, and how they work when it comes to outsourced HR services.

Who you’re hiring

Our HR professionals are experienced generalists, and have knowledge across the varied areas of HR (from hiring to benefits to compliance to performance management). We enjoy helping companies build great cultures, and we pride ourselves on being extremely agile. We flex easily as the needs of the business change.

Based on our years of experience, we can help you figure out exactly what you need, and put short-term and long-term plans in place to address those needs.  We have the expertise to identify the HR operations a business requires, and then design, build, implement, and manage those processes.

Some providers try to be all things to all clients; that’s not us. If something comes up that requires, for example, deep legal or payroll expertise, rather than taking that on we help our clients find experts who can provide those services. We continue to work with our clients to ensure these matters are handled as efficiently as possible for the business.

Tip: Identify the three most important qualities you’re looking for in an HR-focused business partner. Make sure you hire someone who can not only help you design and deliver the HR support your business immediately requires, but also someone who can serve as a role model for your culture, adapt and help you plan for and manage through change.

What we deliver

We get it—you may know you need HR help but beyond that, you may not know what you need. That’s where we come in. Our process begins by helping you assess what support your organization requires.

Maybe your company is growing, and you need:

  • A plan to maintain the great culture that you have
  • Basic HR operations to ensure you have the infrastructure you’ll need (e.g., employee handbook, rewards package, staffing strategy and processes)
  • Performance management processes that encourage development and accountability
  • A review of your current HR function to identify gaps and put an action plan in place to be prepared for additional employees

Or, your HR needs may stem from employee relations:

  • Performance issues you need someone to take care of because you either don’t have the expertise or the people who are equipped to address the situations
  • Managers who aren’t effective in leading teams
  • Notice from the Department of Labor or Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (or any other organization) of a compliance issue you must immediately address

Finally, your need might be around having an HR professional who can:

  • Provide support for the increased volume of HR needs
  • Help you determine whether or not you need to hire an internal HR professional
  • Handle the HR responsibilities for your business
  • Offer guidance and expert advice to the office administrator who manages HR for your business

Tip: Make a list of the people-related tasks and responsibilities you want someone to manage. Based on that list, your outsourced HR provider can help you figure out what level of expertise you need and the capacity required to accomplish the tasks.

How we work

Resourceful HR works with our clients to design and implement on-site support, virtual support, or a combination of both. We schedule a monthly number of hours with you so we have dedicated time to complete the work your business requires. We take care of any weekly, monthly, regular HR duties that you need us to perform. The type of work we handle spans the entire employee life-cycle from hiring to onboarding, to benefits enrollment, performance management, manager coaching, the termination process–and everything in between.

Regardless of the specific project or initiative, we set priorities and have regular meetings to make sure we are in alignment with our clients. Our most common arrangement has us working with clients 24 hours a month; we schedule time with them every week to take care of regular tasks, serve as the main HR resource, and keep HR projects moving. We help many clients build their internal HR function and as their readiness increases, they take the reins and manage their HR function internally.

Tip: Now take that list of HR responsibilities that need to get done, and think about how work gets done in your business. Are face-to-face interactions required in order to make progress? Or is your team able to communicate and collaborate on the work, regardless of location? Your answers will help determine if you need virtual HR support, on-site support, or a combination of both.

Often we begin working with clients when they are experiencing some type of organizational change—growth, a merger or acquisition, HR employee development, or staffing changes. The outsourced HR services we provide help our clients successfully navigate through whatever change they may be facing.