Create a Successful Recruiting Strategy

As your company grows and you continue to hire new staff you may be thinking about where you can find the best candidates and how to minimize your time and expenses in finding these qualified applicants. The first step you must take to ensure a successful sourcing and recruiting strategy is to decide who should take on this responsibility – do you outsource all or part of the recruiting process or do you assign it to somebody in your company. If you keep your recruiting internal, to whom in the company do you give ultimate responsibility? Human resources staff? Department managers? Office manager? You should also consider the cost of this individual’s time and how these hours are best spent to move your business forward.

There are many things to consider when thinking about whether or not to outsource your company’s recruiting process.

1) How many positions are you looking to fill? Are the positions all similar in function, skill and training? Are they for the same department or are they all over the board in your company? Hiring five people for the same position is very different than hiring five different positions. If you are looking to fill multiple similar positions or if the positions are “hard to fill” it may be more efficient to hire a recruiter who has the expertise to find talent and who may have more efficient access to the appropriate pool of candidates.

2) Is it more cost effective to utilize your time or your company’s resources, or to outsource? Do you or your employees have the time to devote to recruiting while providing the core services or products your company offers? Is it critical that your employees remain focused on their top priorities? Can a current project or initiative be postponed in order to accommodate a focused recruitment effort? Considering what your time is worth or that of your staff, it may make more fiscal sense to task someone outside of the company to share their resources.

3) Does your HR staff have a solid recruitment background? Are they up to date on the current techniques for finding the most qualified staff for you? Do they have the bandwidth and the resources available to them to do a thorough job?

4) Candidate travel can be expensive; do you have the time and expertise on hand to ensure that only the top candidates are brought in for in-person interviews?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you may find that outsourcing is the most cost effective and efficient option for your company. Creating an effective recruitment resource, either internally or externally, will speed the time to hire and reduce opportunity costs to the organization while increasing the quality of candidates.

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