Crucial Conversations

High-impact communication skills

In any conversation, healthy dialogue can swiftly become charged with emotion or differing opinions. When it feels like the stakes are high and contrasting viewpoints are getting in the way of effective discussion, you’re in a Crucial Conversation.

Crucial Conversations training teaches dialogue and consensus-building skills that transform communication, build alignment, and improve working relationships without confrontation. Resourceful is proud to offer Crucial Conversations training exclusively to our HR Services clients.



Crucial Conversations training, trusted by 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, focuses on dialogue, accountability, influence, and productivity. In one- or two-day team workshops, participants develop skills to overcome barriers and enable honest, effective dialogue for high-stakes conversations. Learn more about Crucial Conversations here.

“Many people go to either silence or violence when they aren’t feeling heard and have a hard time breaking out of the cycle… Crucial Conversations provides an easy framework to know ourselves and state our needs better, leading to better results.”

Jennifer Olsen, Resourceful CEO and Crucial Conversations trainer

Crucial Conversations FOCUSED

One-day course

  • Learn how to talk about anything, with anyone, with an emphasis on changing behaviors to increase alignment, productivity, and overall performance
  • Identify conversations that present obstacles to what you want
  • Find a way to confidently and honestly share opinions and feelings
  • Have conversations with focus
  • State your truth while leaving space for others to do the same
  • Understand the motives behind critical decision-making


“Conversations are so important, but often lead to arguments and disconnect. The information learned here can be used both personally and professionally for the rest of your life.”

Andrea Allard, HR Consultant, Resourceful

Crucial Conversations

Two-day course

  • Expands beyond Crucial Conversations FOCUSED to fully develop skills for stressful interactions and finding crucial alignment
  • Discuss emotional or high-stakes topics without turning to silence or violence
  • Balance opposing viewpoints and find common ground
  • Understand others’ viewpoints and diffuse intense interactions
  • Effectively progress from dialogue to action
  • Establish a strategy to use this training to achieve results


 “I think everyone could benefit from the Crucial Conversations tools and strategies. It would be especially helpful for anyone working in a diverse, cross-functional environment with a range of communication styles.”

Phoebe Ingraham, HR Consultant, Resourceful

All training sessions for our HR Services clients are led by Jennifer Olsen, Resourceful CEO and certified Crucial Conversations trainer.

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