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People often ask us why we get engaged with and participate in client industries and in our community to the degree that we do? The answer is simple. We want to make an impact. The events of the past few months have made us reflect on our involvements and what we are passionate about. I would like to share some background in what we choose to participate in and would love to learn how you are involved in your community and your industry. Please leave your ideas in the comments below! I firmly believe that together we can all make a difference.

We get involved to participate in relevant business conversations.
The better we understand the problems and thoughts that drive our clients to make decisions, the better we’re able to perform the jobs they hire us to do. We become informed participants in the conversations by involving ourselves in the industry through groups such as:

Washington Innovation Network (WIN)—I serve as a mentor within this program that is dedicated to giving promising science, technology and global health ventures pro-bono mentorship from the beginning stages of their venture. By mentoring these entrepreneurs, I’m able to support innovation within their industry and gain an inside look at the early challenges our clients encounter.

Xconomy—Resourceful HR sponsors off-the-record discussions regarding relevant issues executives face. These discussions between scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, government officials, and investors provide us with a better grasp about the future of the industries we serve in Washington and California.

Washington State Life Science and Global Health Workforce Panel—I participate as a member of the Governor’s committee charged with recommending talent development and recruitment strategies that support life science and global health development in Washington state.

CleanTech Alliance—Resourceful HR is excited to begin our work with the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator. As part of this partnership we will develop and deliver programming that covers the fundamentals of HR and recruiting as well as serve as mentors for participating Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator startups.

When we come to the table with an ability to comprehend our client’s business and the unique challenges of their industry, we’re in a position to make informed, strategic suggestions that help them drive results.

We get involved to support and sponsor continued development for HR professionals.
Just as we want to be informed and knowledgeable about our clients’ industries, we are fully invested in remaining relevant members within HR itself.

“If you don’t have the right people in the right places—the right talent strategy, the right team dynamics, the right culture—and if you don’t proactively manage how an organization works from a culture and a people perspective, you’re on a serious path to disaster,” Ellie Filler, a senior client partner for an executive recruiting firm told Harvard Business Review.

We know that hiring the right people, creating the right talent strategy, building positive team dynamics and generating an engaging culture requires skill and experience. That’s why—even with decades of working as HR professionals—we’re still committed to learning all we can about new approaches to human resource management.

Because we believe professional development for HR professionals and for the field of HR benefits everyone, we actively sponsor events—including the LWHRA Annual Symposium, the NHRMA Annual Conference, as well as Seattle and LWHRA SHRM chapter meetings. Getting involved in HR education helps us support our profession and further business innovation by bringing HR professionals together to learn, share best practices, and connect.

Getting involved requires an investment. In our experience the investments we’ve made with our time and financial resources have created relationships, opportunities, and a sense of community that we wouldn’t have achieved without getting involved. Of course business is about achieving results; but it’s also about giving back. At Resourceful HR we’re committed to results, but we’re also doing what we can to contribute to the greater good.

Please leave your response to this question in the comments below—we want to learn from you:

How do you stay informed and get involved with your industry, and within the industries of your clients?