Clark Nuber Senior HR Director Discusses Successful New Company Initiatives to Foster Leadership and Improve Employee Retention

Jennifer Olsen interviews Tracy White, Senior HR Director from Clark Nuber, P.S., a Seattle based public accounting firm. Ms. White discusses the first year successes of Clark Nuber’s recently rolled out Leadership Development Institute as it prepares to graduate its first classes. The Institute offers interested employees classes to further develop their leadership skills in areas such as marketing, sales, and communication.

Clark Nuber has gained both awards and reputation for being an employee focused company continually working to create innovative programs that develop employee leadership skills and community involvement. Visit Clark Nuber online at

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"My professional passion stems from a fascination with how the individual needs of employees, managers, and the business converge to produce an outcome. I’m driven by a desire to help leaders and employees find the balance between competing needs so they can work together to address the challenges they face."