Why Recruit When You’re Fully Staffed?

Do you think recruiters are only necessary when you have an immediate need or vacancy? Do you believe your “promote from within” culture or extensive succession plan leaves recruiters obsolete in your organization? If so, I encourage you to re-think the value of recruiters. They serve a critical role for an organization, even when you don’t think you need to be recruiting.

1)      Recruiters are often the most public and accessible brand representative your organization has and their efforts are what allow you to have a successful promote from within culture and have talent worthy of developing for succession. So when you’ve reached this point, don’t rest on your laurels. Keep your recruiters engaged in that community to ensure the reputation stays strong and you remain an employer of choice.

2)      Even the best plans require a contingency plan. There will always be unexpected vacancies and no one ready to move into that role. No matter how deep you go in a succession plan, there will be a need to backfill a role. Recruiters are great at building a pipeline of talent and maintaining relationships with quality candidates. They should spend time finding professionals with critical skill sets or experiences that would be valuable to your organization to ensure you can move quickly in hiring someone should the original plan fall through.

3)      As a hiring manager, we know you want the best person in each role. Getting recruiters involved provides an opportunity to vet your internal candidates against the external talent pool. They can gather market intelligence on the talent pool and see what the market has to offer. This will ensure that the decision to promote an employee is because they are the best person for the job. In addition, if your internal candidate knows that the promotion is not a sure thing, they will consistently strive to do better, stay competitive, and innovate.

Recruiters are not just about filling requisitions. They need to be focused on ensuring the organization has the right talent to achieve the business goals. At Resourceful HR, we serve as our clients’ ambassador and work with many to build a pipeline to ensure they have the talent in the wings when the need arises. I encourage you to engage recruiters as ambassadors for talent and you may be pleasantly surprised at how rewarding hiring, both internally and externally can be.

I’d be interested in learning how else you find recruiters adding value to your organization when there isn’t an open requisition. Please leave me your comments below.

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