Are You Recruiting for the Right Reasons?

Undoubtedly your company’s interview process is set-up to assess the capabilities of candidates and determine whether or not individuals can perform essential job functions. Is it designed to assess cultural fit – does the job candidate’s behaviors, motivations and values match those of the organization? Assessing cultural fit in addition to whether the candidate fits the job description will not only ensure a happier workforce but also a more competitive and productive one.

First you must equip recruiting managers with questions that help identify specific behaviors, attitudes, core values and motivations. It’s not enough to evaluate basic qualifications – Does he/she have relevant work history and the specific skill set your company needs? Did he/she perform well during the interview process?

While these questions are important they don’t show the whole picture. Determining the right fit based on a person’s skills and experience does not let you know if he/she will work well within the organization. With thoughtful planning, questions can be designed to elicit not only an understanding of a person’s skill set but also whether he/she will contribute or distract from the productivity and effectiveness of the team and most importantly how his/her behavior will impact the success of the company.

For example, a company’s key competitive differentiator is often employees’ passion for technology and creating innovative products. In this instance, the interviewer may ask a candidate to describe the most interesting or exciting technical problem that he/she has tried to solve during the past year. This question provides information about what the candidate has been working on from a technical perspective and gives an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate or express passion for their work.

You must also ensure hiring managers understand the company’s overall culture (not necessarily just their own team) and receive the proper training or tools to make core value assessments during a job interview. In this job market there are many qualified and talented individuals seeking positions so employers, more than ever, have the opportunity to hire a candidate based not only on having the right skills but also because he/she share the organization’s values – a win for the company and its new employee.

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