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During a webinar not long ago, members of our team heard an attorney refer to HR professionals as “Nervous Nellies”. We’ve all heard that phrase before, so it wasn’t a shock. A Nervous Nelly is defined as, “a person whose personality and usual behavior are characterized by worry, insecurity, and timidity.

That term–and those definitions—don’t describe the team of professionals who work at Resourceful HR. Instead of Nervous Nellies, in our team you’ll find a group of professionals who help organizations create, implement, and maintain HR strategies and programs that help reduce the need to worry or to feel insecure or timid about the people side of the business.

When searching for HR Staffing support, look for these three things:

1. A relief rather than a reaction.

Rather than worrying about what can happen, or reacting to what has happened, our team is committed to being proactive. When working with clients, we aim to provide relief: we take the weight off their shoulders so that they can focus on the work they need to do. With the right approach in place, there’s no reason to stay up all night, worrying about what is or isn’t covered by your HR programs.

2. An approach backed by deep HR knowledge.

With decades of experience working in HR, as well as a continued commitment to learning and improving our knowledge of HR practices, we approach the field of HR with a sense of security. That security comes from understanding what it takes to recruit, hire, onboard and train new employees. It comes from years of experience administering HR programs such as compensation, insurance benefits, unemployment claims, safety programs, and performance management.

We’re passionate about the future of HR as an industry and also its role within the individual business. Before we make a strategic recommendation, we ask questions, generate ideas, seek counsel as needed, and use our imaginations to come up with the best solution to meet the identified requirements.

3. An appreciation and understanding for the business.

The approach we take is anything but timid. We approach each client relationship by digging in, analyzing, and working to understand that business’ unique model. As much as clients will allow, we get to know the products, people, and numbers that make it all possible. Our focus is on how we can improve things for our clients—we aren’t steamrollers, but you also won’t find us cowering timidly in the corner.

Don’t settle for HR support that’s steeped in worry, insecurity, and timidity. Look for a partner who takes the weight off your shoulders and provides relief rather than a reaction, uses an approach backed by deep HR knowledge, and has a team of professionals who will seek to understand your business.