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A Care Package for Working Remotely

A Care Package for Working Remotely

The Internet is (understandably) full of tips for working from home these days. For many businesses and employees, WFH is brand-new territory, and let’s face it: some of what we’re experiencing could become the new norm. But how are you and your employees really doing...

A Guide to Choosing the Right Tools for Remote Work

A Guide to Choosing the Right Tools for Remote Work

These past couple of months have thrown many teams right into the deep end with digital collaboration tools. For some, just treading water has been a challenge. We’ve grappled with bizarre audio feedback, low bandwidth, spotty WiFi, and cats on keyboards. Somehow...

Mental Health at Work Matters More Than Ever

Mental Health at Work Matters More Than Ever

As an HR professional, I’ve helped employers and employees through a variety of mental health situations including struggles with stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, and suicide. During the Covid-19 crisis, I’ve had a number of conversations with employees and...