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Nervous Nellies? That’s not Resourceful HR

By Jaime Johns During a webinar not long ago, members of our team heard an attorney refer to HR professionals as “Nervous Nellies”. We’ve all heard that phrase before, so it wasn’t a shock. Some definitions for a Nervous Nelly include: A person whose personality and usual behavior are characterized by worry, insecurity, and timidity.…

Be Present Where You Are, Not Just Where You Want to Be

By Jennifer Olsen A few weeks after the New Year, my family and I traveled to Southeast Asia. It was the first time I’ve traveled to Southeast Asia and the first time I’ve never cracked open my laptop during a vacation. Resisting the temptation each time workaholism threatened to strike helped clear my mind to…

10 Questions to Ask if You’re Joining a Board of Directors (Pt. 2)

By Jennifer Olsen and Laura Doehle Being asked to join a board of directors is an honor and it’s an exciting opportunity. As you prepare to contribute to your community and seek new professional development opportunities, you want to consider your options carefully. We’ve worked together to create a list of ten questions (five in…

10 Questions to Ask if You’re Joining a Board of Directors

By Jennifer Olsen and Laura Doehle Being asked to join a board of directors is an exciting opportunity. It means you want to contribute to your community and seek new professional development opportunities. Having served on multiple boards we know just how gratifying the experience can be. We also know that going into the experience…

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Resourceful HR is a team of HR and recruiting professionals who provide outsourced HR, recruiting and HR staffing services for a wide range of industries. Everyone at Resourceful HR is passionate about helping you successfully navigate, manage, and develop everything related to the people side of your business.

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Our Expertise

Whether you need ongoing HR support, recruiting services, or an HR staffing solution, we customize our services to your specific needs and stage of development. Using our in-house and consulting experience, we work with you to recruit and attract the candidates you want to hire; provide outsourced HR management services that fit your business; and source qualified HR professionals to provide full-time, temporary support.

Why Choose Us

With commitment, creativity and courage, we’re here to recommend and support HR and recruiting practices that will deliver positive results in your organization. When you work with Resourceful HR, you can expect:

  • Alignment with your unique goals and culture.

  • A trusted, collaborative, and team-focused approach to give you the best of our experience.

  • Questions and suggestions that provide clear, positive outcomes for your organization.

  • Recommendations based on your situation and our experience.

Our Team

Jennifer Olsen, CEO

I’m an HR business advisor committed to helping organizations balance competing needs.

Laura Doehle, Director of Client Services

I have a passion for helping companies and talent thrive; overseeing our client services allows me an opportunity to put my passion to work.

Stephanie Beck-Tauscher, Director, Service Delivery

I’m an expert recruiting professional who ramps quickly and hits the ground running to deliver client-focused results.

Kris Williams, Sr. Consultant, Recruiting Services

I’m a senior recruiting consultant with extensive experience sourcing talented technology, healthcare, biotech and life science candidates.

Suzette Nedervelt, Associate Recruiter, Recruiting Services

I’m a recruiter dedicated to helping people find a job they love.

Andrea Allard, Consultant, HR Services

I’m an HR Consultant providing direction and performance insight that helps clients design, implement and maintain key HR initiatives for their business.

Jaime Johns, Consultant, HR Services

I thrive on helping to create amazing cultures by enhancing skills, developing people, and building processes that support strategic decisions for all.

Michele Houston, Systems Administrator

I’m a Systems Administrator who thrives on using technology to help facilitate collaboration that allows our consultants to deliver the services clients need.

Kiersten Adams, Consultant, HR Services

Professional Passion It’s my professional passion to partner with organizations to understand their goals and then create and implement policies, programs, and procedures to ensure a solid HR approach is in place for employees to succeed. When organizations address training and development, performance management, and talent acquisition and onboarding practices—especially prior to anticipated company growth—it’s…

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Resourceful HR CEO Jennifer Olsen Joins Life Science Washington Board of Directors

December 20, 2017
Resourceful HR, LLC, announced today that their CEO, Jennifer Olsen, will join the board of directors for Life Science Washington, the state’s life science trade association. Read on…

Resourceful HR recognized as 52nd Fastest-Growing Private Company in Washington by Puget Sound Business Journal

October 20, 2017
Resourceful HR, LLC, announced today that the Puget Sound Business Journal recognized Resourceful HR on its Washington’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies of 2017. Read on…

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