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Industry Surveys and Resources

We always strive to provide our clients and colleagues with best practices, HR tips and industry information in an effort to help them achieve a competitive advantage and ensure they have the tools to manage high-performance growth. The following includes results from surveys we have conducted in the Bay Area and in the Puget Sound Region as well as resources you may find helpful as you make HR decisions for your organization.

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    2013 Life Sciences Recruiting Survey Results for the Puget Sound Region

    Conducted in the Puget Sound region in Q4 2013, this survey was designed to give insight into the industry's recruiting needs, practices and challenges as well as identify what organizations can do to source and attract top talent. Participants include industry professionals in a variety of life science sectors and organizations.

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    2013 Bioscience Recruiting Survey Results for the Bay Area

    Bay Area bioscience organizations were surveyed to help the community better understand the industry's recruiting needs and challenges. This survey's findings offer insight into organizations' #1 challenge and whether the region has the talent, knowledge base and STEM-related skills needed to be competitive in the marketplace.

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    2013 Technology Industry Recruiting Survey Results for the Puget Sound Region

    This survey provides insight into the recruiting needs and challenges of the Puget Sound technology industry as well as what organizations can do to source and attract top talent. Organizations shared their perspective on the need for STEM-related skills and whether the talent the industry requires resides in the region.

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    2012 Business Leaders and HR Results for the Puget Sound Region

    We surveyed business leaders from around the Puget Sound area to gain insight into how they are using HR to achieve business objectives. The goal of the survey was to better understand how HR activities impact business strategy and evaluate the level in which recruiting and performance management activities help businesses achieve key objectives.

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