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Is data-driven management the answer? Yes, and no.

By Jennifer Olsen A lot has been written about Google’s People Analytics Department. The department’s purpose: to help the company make HR decisions using data, including the difference a manager makes in their teams’ performance. The data Google collected showed that indeed managers have a positive impact. The better the manager, the better the team…

What’s behind the curtain? Ask your #HRtech providers for details

By Jennifer Olsen Recent coverage about HR Tech provider, Zenefits, recently caught our attention. As an article published in the San Francisco Business Times reports, “Zenefits will pay $3.4 million in unpaid overtime after U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigators found that the San Francisco-based human resources startup violated the Fair Labor…

5 Signs You Need HR Staffing Support

By Suzette Nedervelt Clients often ask, “How will I know when the timing is right to bring in additional HR staffing support? Our team at Resourceful HR places temporary HR staff in companies that need help for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you need to cover an employee’s leave of absence, you need a highly-skilled…

Expert Recruiter Tips for Your Next Job Search (Part 2)

By Kris Williams As I mentioned in the first post in this two-part series, searching for a job requires time and effort. Eventually, all that work comes to fruition when you pass the initial screening by the recruiter, move on to have great interviews with the hiring manager, and find out that you’re one of…

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Resourceful HR is a team of HR and recruiting professionals who provide outsourced HR, recruiting and HR staffing services for a wide range of industries. Everyone at Resourceful HR is passionate about helping you successfully navigate, manage, and develop everything related to the people side of your business.

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Our Expertise

Whether you need ongoing HR support, recruiting services, or an HR staffing solution, we customize our services to your specific needs and stage of development. Using our in-house and consulting experience, we work with you to recruit and attract the candidates you want to hire; provide outsourced HR management services that fit your business; and source qualified HR professionals to provide full-time, temporary support.

Why Choose Us

With commitment, creativity and courage, we’re here to recommend and support HR and recruiting practices that will deliver positive results in your organization. When you work with Resourceful HR, you can expect:

  • Alignment with your unique goals and culture.

  • A trusted, collaborative, and team-focused approach to give you the best of our experience.

  • Questions and suggestions that provide clear, positive outcomes for your organization.

  • Recommendations based on your situation and our experience.

Our Team

Jennifer Olsen, CEO

I’m an HR business advisor committed to helping organizations balance competing needs.

Laura Doehle, Director of Client Services

I have a passion for helping companies and talent thrive; overseeing our client services allows me an opportunity to put my passion to work.

Stephanie Beck-Tauscher, Director, Recruiting Services

I’m an expert recruiting professional who ramps quickly and hits the ground running to deliver client-focused results.

Carol Jacobi, Director, HR Services

I’m an experienced HR professional and change agent with senior-level experience across a wide range of industries.

Kris Williams, Sr. Consultant, Recruiting Services

I’m a senior recruiting consultant with extensive experience sourcing talented technology, healthcare, biotech and life science candidates.

Suzette Nedervelt, Associate Recruiter, Recruiting Services

I’m a recruiter dedicated to helping people find a job they love.

Fae Alexander, Account Manager, HR Staffing

My focus is to recruit quality HR professionals who are the right match for our clients’ temporary HR staffing needs.

Andrea Allard, Consultant, HR Services

I’m an HR Consultant providing direction and performance insight that helps clients design, implement and maintain key HR initiatives for their business.

Jaime Johns, Consultant, HR Services

I thrive on helping to create amazing cultures by enhancing skills, developing people, and building processes that support strategic decisions for all.

Michele Houston, Systems Administrator

I’m a Systems Administrator who thrives on using technology to help facilitate collaboration that allows our consultants to deliver the services clients need.

Clients Served

Press Releases

Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator and Resourceful HR Partner

February 9, 2017

Partnership Delivers Critical HR and Recruitment Support for Early-Stage CleanTech Startups

Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator and Resourceful HR have partnered to deliver critical HR and recruitment support for early-stage cleantech startups. The partnership enhances the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator program, a partnership of Oregon BEST and the CleanTech Alliance, which helps cleantech entrepreneurs build stronger companies while speeding their path to market. Read on…

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